“Combine!”Li Ming gritted his teeth,Burst of will。All mental power burst out,71Taoist mental powers are combined with each other,The secret method of Meteor Star‘Scattered’‘Congeal’‘Gather’Other means,Will this71Taoist mental power condenses into nine realms,Every Dao fully controls a small sword。
Finally extremely difficult,The gold wires are completely hooked together,Nine small swords merge into one,A magical feeling came out spontaneously。
And beside Li Ming,A misty golden magic sword has been formed。Li Ming can feel how powerful this golden magic sword contains,That is Bidan Tiansuo、The arc cutter is ten times stronger than a hundred times stronger。
Just when Li Ming was immersed in this powerful force,Only hear“Click”Bang。
It turned out that the fixed-star ninth-level fighter had appeared on the other side of Li Ming’s body.,Cut down。And at this moment, I do my best to maintain the first weight of Yan Shenbing【Magic Sword】Li Ming couldn’t resist。
Li Ming only feels black,Exit the killing space directly。
“I rely on,So defeated!”
Li Ming opened his eyes,Faced with Babata’s curse。
“You idiot,Yan Shenbing’s first stage is trained,As a result, the enemy hacked you to death!It’s a joke that Yan Shenbing used you to the point,It’s better to use Dun Tissot。”
“Your thought power is full71Times,Isn’t it good to use Dun Tiansuo to separate a mind??Whether it’s flying dodge,Still show‘Sword matrix’Resist for a moment,Can easily kill that constant star rank 9 martial artist。”
“Good good,Stop talking about Babata,I just want to train Yan Shenbing first,Then I went back to figure out how to use it.What’s so angry。”Li Ming said softly。
Although this time I lost some pits,But Li Ming is very happy。
What is it to be defeated by a warrior set by yourself?Without losing a piece of meat。
Can cast the first weight of Yan Shen soldiers in battle,This progress is the most real。