Say,Put a stone on the top of the mountain,Also,“From about 100 meters,He uses control of the control,Kill five people。”
He put a stone in the direction of the top of the mountain.,“But these people are not scared,Still do,Less than one hundred meters……They can’t catch up,Let the summer run from the other mountain road。”
The ear is straight to the sky,“An ordinary person who was abolished,Can you run ancient martial arts?,Moreover, there is a master,What is the distance from one hundred meters??”
The face under the sky is not changed.。
“Then how did he recover?,My technique,It is the fairy will also become a waste.……”He personally shots the summer,What is the means more than anyone?。
Light road,“You are too peaceful and confident.,The summer was abolished in the snow and the sea,Can heal,How is more than your means?”
Ling Tianxia’s face is cloudy。
finally,He shook his head,“I still don’t believe it.……Try him for a chance。”
This sentence,Ear of ear,“Look for opportunities?
How to find a chance,Now the Tiand is looking for us around the world.,There are not many talents.,But the matter has changed nature,Do you know what this means?。”
Put in this way,Ling Tianxiao’s mouth。
Emergence between eyebrows,Along with helplessness and anger。
Kidnap the moon and Luo Qianjin,After all, I still touched the bottom line.。
Perhaps the relevant departments are not in the messenger and Luo Qianjin,But it is not allowed to be unscrupulous.。
“You go to contact the summer cloud。”
Lingtian bite tooth,“Let him down this matter,if not,Even if China does not have me tolerance,I am leaving,It is also necessary to kill in the summer.。”
“Do you think this threat is useful??”
Otosus,“I think you should go see the summer.,By the way,Does he really restore strength?。”
Ling Tianxiao,“How to say?”
“You can’t threaten summer clouds,His identity is destined to accept any threats,But you can threaten the summer,Let him persuade the summer cloud to press this。”
NS3075chapter Dreamer
Tree wants to be quiet and the wind is not。
Summer is not aware of,Ling Tianxia and Wang Xiongba also wanted to calculate him。
He was originally prepared to return to Jingcheng。
Just when I am going to the airport,Very unexpectedly received the summer phone。
Subsequent,Summer cancels the trip,Ready to stay in Qinghai?。
The outside world is still full of flying,And he has not worried。
Even if it is pushed to the tip of the wind,I can’t stop his own me.。
He gives two old erotizers.、And Liu Qingqing called the phone,Finally, really relaxed。
Leave from the airport,Summer take a taxi back to the home of the house。
Throw yourself in bed,Go down。
This is sleeping,It is said that it is dark。
Confused,Summer ear seems to have a stranger、Be familiar、Weak and weak、Extravagant,And very ethereally。
“Uncle……嘻嘻……”“When did you come to the mainland?。”
“Uncle……I gotta go……Remember our original agreement……”“If one day you will come to the mainland,Be sure to remember to find me.……”“Uncle,Remember that I called Lin Yu……”“……Flutter,The sound is similar to the near,As if in the dream。
Not,That is the dream。
Summer breathing is rushing,Soon。
Sudden,He sits hard。
Daqiang big mouth gasped。