Games: Baby Caring for Dolls

Purpose of the game: to cultivate the baby’s love and improve its ability to imitate.

  Game steps: 1. Prepare a baby toy for your baby.

Use a small bench as a doll’s bed, let your baby put the doll on a “small bed”, cover it with a towel, and pat it to sleep.

  2. Soon after, the mother reminded: “The baby is hungry and wants to feed.

“Give the baby a small bottle instead of a bottle, and let the baby hold the baby to feed him. If there is a spoon and a small bowl, let the baby feed the baby to eat, and then take a pot as a potty and let the baby pee.

  3. When the baby gets angry and abuses the doll, throws it on the ground, or kicks it away with his feet, the mother will pretend to be serious: “The doll has fallen down, so hold it up!”

Look where it broke and wrap him!

Don’t kick the doll with your feet!

“Stop your baby’s uncivilized behavior with a stern attitude.

  Game interaction: Babies are very interested in dolls. Adults should constantly remind them how to treat dolls.

The baby slowly learns to take care of the baby, and the adult must praise the baby; if the baby abuses the baby, the adult must show a very angry look.

Through the change of the adult’s attitude, let the baby learn how to take good care of the doll and cultivate the baby’s love for the doll and even others.

  Tips: When the baby usually sees how the mother takes care of herself, she will imitate her mother’s practice to take care of the baby.

Therefore, the mother’s usual behavior has a strong demonstration effect.

Caring for others is a valuable virtue. It is useful for both boys and girls. If not, you should supplement this lesson for your baby.

  Information for mothers: Imitation is the process by which a baby actively chooses to interact with adults.

When the baby imitates the action of the adult, but the parents do not respond in a timely manner, the baby will only play it casually; on the contrary, if the father opens his mouth, the baby also follows the imitation, at this time the father immediately gives positive emotional feedback,He said to the baby, “Oh, your mouth is open!

“The baby will find it very interesting and will continue to imitate the adult’s movements, which will trigger his next movement.