Hockey fitness

Origin The modern hockey sport originated in the United Kingdom in the early 19th century. It became the official competition for the first time in the London Olympics in 1908. It became a fixed competition in 1928 and a women’s project in 1980.

In the 30 years since the beginning of the 20th century, India has almost monopolized all world champions and won gold medals in six Olympic Games from 1928 to 1956.

In the history of Indian hockey, there have been five Barbie-Singhs. The first Sinh led the Indian team to defeat the Dutch team 6-1 and won the 1952 Helsinki Olympic hockey gold medal.

  The protective equipment used by the game equipment goalkeeper is fixed at the front and up and down of the shoes, and can be used to kick the ball.

  Venue: Length 91.

40 meters wide and 55 meters wide.

  Stick: A hook-shaped device made of wood or synthetic material with a flat top end that can hit the ball.

  Helmet: worn by the goalkeeper to protect the head and face.

  Elbow pads: worn by the goalkeeper to protect the body.

  Leggings: worn by the goalkeeper to protect the body.

  Ankle: It is expected to protect the calf.

  Hockey shoes: special shoes worn by hockey players.

  Ball: Made of hard plastic, usually white, about 230 mm each time.

  Goal: Width 3.

66 meters, high 2.

14, located in the middle of the field above.

  Gauntlets: The goalkeeper is expected to protect the equipment of the goalkeeper’s body.

  The rules of the hockey field are 91.

40 meters wide and 55 meters wide.
The goal is 2 high.

14 meters, width 3.

66 meters.

The club is 80-95 cm long and the ball weighs 156-163 grams.

During the competition, 11 athletes from each of the two teams played.

The game time is 70 minutes, divided into the next two and a half, with a 5-10 minute break.

Into 1 goal, get 1 point, to score more than the opponent’s goal.

Male and female hockey were listed as Olympic Games events in 1908 and 1980 respectively.

  There are 12 teams participating in the Sydney Olympic Games hockey men’s competition and 10 teams participating in the competition.

The US team is directly qualified as a host, and other teams are eligible to qualify for the qualifiers on all continents.

  The competition first scored two groups for a single-round preliminaries. In the men’s competition, the two teams entered the semi-finals before, the semi-final winners competed for the gold medals, and the losers competed for the third place.

  The top three of the women’s competitions entered the second stage, the second stage of the six teams played a single-cycle competition, the former base team competed for the championship, and the third and fourth place competed for the bronze medal.

  In the past 10 years, the Australian team has won the women’s competition in the women’s competition, winning the two Olympic Games in 1988 and 1996, the two World Cup champions and the five consecutive championships.

South Korea, Argentina, the Netherlands and Germany are also expected to hit medals.

  In the 1999 Champions Cup, the Australian team also won the championship in the men’s competition, and the defending champion Netherlands will pose the biggest threat to the host.

  Historical hockey is an ancient sport that is currently being developed internationally in ball games.

It has been nearly a thousand years old.

The name of the ancient hockey pioneer who is famous, although it can not be verified, but can be sure of the love of Asian people such as China, Persia and India 3,000 years ago.

According to the book “Hockey Sport” published by the Berlin Sports Publishing House in 1981, it is known that Chinese soldiers used to play with sticks and balls 2697 years ago.  In ancient China, the pace of playing was one year earlier than the history of European hockey. It was spread to Japan in the eighth century.

The existing flower felt of the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the northern warehouse of Nara, the ancient capital of Nara, Japan, woven the image of children playing in the footsteps.

The felt is 236 cm long and 124 cm wide. The pattern of the felt is composed of flowers and a batting-like boy. The boy who hits the ball holds a crescent-shaped bat in the right hand and is hitting the ball in the bow.There is a ball on the left.

The whole pattern vividly shows the vivid scene of the Tang Dynasty boy hitting the ball.

Therefore, there should be a certain relationship between European hockey and China’s step play.

  There are some images of modern hockey games on the Egyptian pyramids and ancient Greek wall carvings.

China was popular in the Tang Dynasty. “The two teams in the game, each with a wooden stick that bends at the lower end, hits the ball on foot, and wins the opponent’s goal.” The movement is similar to that of modern hockey. Modern hockey originated in the UK.The first hockey club appeared in England in 1861, the first hockey association was established in England in 1875, and the 1889 men’s hockey game was antiqued in London.

Since then hockey has gradually expanded the Commonwealth countries.