Brokerage survey pace reaches year, internal forecast focuses on four major sectors including computers

Brokers researched 233 companies a thousand times in 11 working days, focusing on the four major sectors of the computer ■ Reporter Zhou Shangyi Since May, A shares have continued to fluctuate, but they have not affected the discovery enthusiasm of brokers, and their investment dynamics have also received considerable investmentFollowers.

  According to statistics from the “Securities Daily” reporter, only 11 working days since May, 91 securities companies investigated 233 listed companies and found 1,000 times.

Among them, Hikvision, Home Furnishing, Guanglianda, Good Wife, and Antarctic E-commerce were all intensively investigated by more than 20 brokers.

  This person from a securities firm told the Securities Daily reporter that “after the May Day holiday, after the disclosure of the quarterly report this year, the securities firm is more concerned about listed companies with outstanding operating performance in the first quarter.

At the same time, after the May Day holiday, A shares continued to fluctuate, and individual stocks became more differentiated, resulting in increased demand for brokers to adjust their positions and exchange shares. Further selection of high-quality and potential targets is required.

Coupled with the blessing of the science and technology board, the relevant sectors stand out, thereby gradually accelerating the pace of brokerage discovery.

“From the perspective of industry distribution, listed companies surveyed by securities firms are mainly concentrated in popular industries such as computers, electronics, machinery and equipment, pharmaceuticals and biology, and found that three of the top ten listed companies are from the computer sector.

  ”Replacement” of brokerage investigations within the year According to incomplete statistics from a reporter from Securities Daily, since May, the survey of brokerages has reached the “replacement” within the year.

In just 11 working days, 91 securities firms “visited” 233 listed companies and surveyed 1,000 times.

  Among them, there are 5 listed companies surveyed by more than 20 brokers. Among them, Hikvision and Shangpin Home Delivery were surveyed 29 times by 29 brokers. Guanglianda was surveyed 24 times by 24 brokers. Good wife was 23 times.Brokers surveyed 23 times, and Antarctic e-commerce was surveyed 21 times by 21 brokers.

  The listed company with the most surveys by securities companies is Hikvision. Since May, the company has received 199 institutions, ranking second in the agency survey.

Lixun Precision, the top research institution, has received 207 institutions since May, of which 12 securities firms surveyed the company 12 times.

  From the aspect of individual stocks’ attention, Hikvision is also recommended by brokers to “buy”.

Among them, Shangpin Zhaiping was issued a total of 32 research reports recommending “buy” in the past month by 18 brokers, and it was generally considered by brokers that it was trying to break through the hundred-dollar mark, and some brokers gave it a maximum target price of 121.

37 yuan / share, with a minimum target price of 114.

25 yuan / share.

As of May 20, the stock closed at 81.

6 yuan / share.

In the past month, Hikvision was issued a total of 15 papers by 14 securities firms to recommend “buy”. Some securities firms gave them a maximum target price of 45 yuan / share and a minimum target price of 34 yuan / share.

As of May 20, the stock closed at 26.

99 yuan / share.

  From the perspective of the company, Dongguan Securities stated that “the real estate sales recovery index has begun to appear, and it has obvious advantages in responding to existing home renovation and second-hand house renovation with the existing channels of fashion and home furnishings.价值链的前景,首次给予‘推荐’评级。”At the same time, the recommendation logic of Guojin Securities to Hikvision is,” The company is a global leader in the security industry. Around the AICloud architecture, the core product layout of edge edges, edge domains, and cloud centers is being completed from security comprehensive service providersToward a video-centric IoT solution provider.

The company’s in-depth layout of AI + security and 4K high-definition video surveillance is expected to actively benefit in the future.

The company’s automotive electronics, smart home, robotics, drone and other innovative businesses have achieved rapid development and are expected to continue in the next three years.

87% of the companies surveyed continued to grow during the year. Judging from the performance of 233 listed companies discovered by securities companies this year, the securities companies have not “looked away.”

In the continuous shock of the A-share market, 30 companies have been declining this year in a row, the largest decline of 34.

34%, the average of the 12 companies continued to fall within 5%, and 南京桑拿网 the remaining 203 companies surveyed by the securities companies were all growing, accounting for 87.


  At the same time, unless new shares are listed this year, as of May 20, out of 233 listed companies surveyed by securities companies, Guanhao Biological (Pharmaceutical) has expanded by more than 200%.

Minhe Co., Ltd. (Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery), Sinosteel Tianyuan (Non-Ferrous Metals), Tang Renshen (Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery), Wutong Holdings (Communication), Wuliangye (Food and Beverage) expanded more than 100%, 186 respectively.

64%, 182.

47%, 126.

63%, 110.

21%, 104.


  Among them, the “drinking” sector stocks of Wuliangye, which are closely watched by the institutions, said China Merchants Securities said, “The reform of Wuliangye is accelerating, and it is aware that the channel is recycling dividends, and raised the target price to 130 yuan.

The company’s marketing organization has been gradually promoted since the beginning. The reform has entered a critical period. With the support of strong execution, the key points have been cut in the direction. The reform has been gradually implemented and channel confidence has picked up.”It is worth mentioning that according to the statistics of the Securities Daily, from the perspective of industry distribution, affected by the science and technology board, the listed companies discovered by the securities firms are mainly concentrated in the computer, electronics, mechanical equipment, pharmaceutical and biological industries.

Among them, the computer industry is the most favored. 25 listed companies in the computer industry, such as Guanglianda, Shencong, and DPtech, have been surveyed by securities companies.

  For the computer sector that is generally favored by institutions, Guo Yali, an analyst at Huatai Securities, believes that “in the long term, autonomous and controllable growth will gradually increase, and areas where import substitution and attempted import substitution will face greater market space and better market structure.
It is recommended to pay attention to the high demand boom, the medical informatization field that the endogenous market enters, and the continuously improving information security and autonomous and controllable fields.