“Correct,Xia Shuyue organized a training class,Cannot recruit students,We have to promote wedding photography again,Admissions again。”Cen Cheng felt wronged。
“I observed you,Very capable,Actually you should open your own shop,Run your own training class,Can you help them recruit students to bring business,Do it yourself,Definitely more business than them,Better than working。”Ye Boping encouraged。
“How easy it is,I am a poor student,No capital,Although I earned a bit from the previous performance,But this little money is far from my own business capital。”Cen Cheng of course also knows himself。
Ye Boping leaned forward a little,Whisper,“I also want to do business in this area,Open a wedding photography shop,How about we cooperate,Also hold a training class。”
“You are in big business,Sell the house,It’s impossible to want to do this kind of small business that is tiring and not very profitable.?”Cen Cheng is dubious。
“Money in the bank is idle,Might as well take it out for business,if you are willing to,We partner。”
Xia Shuyue is going to have a baby,There must be no one to take care of her shop,Poach Cen Cheng away,No one enrolls students in the training class,No one in the photo studio to promote,Zhang Siwei is so busy,Naturally I can’t take care of the small shop here。
Xia Shuyue may not finish her confinement,The shop collapsed,Zhang Siwei can’t use any more money to open a shop for her,Xia Shuyue’s life is not enough to eat。
“You really want?Don’t lie to me?”Cen Cheng is a little excited,Xia Shuyue is the shop where Zhang Siwei took the money,If she had that opportunity,Not necessarily worse than Xia Shuyue,Can still be the boss。
Ye Boping looks at Cen Cheng’s expression,Nod immediately,“of course it’s true,Do not lie to you,Bring your classmates,And the store has a good relationship with you.,It’s easier for skilled workers to get started,Will be on the road soon。”
Cen Cheng listened,Excited,Put down the dishes and watch Ye Boping,An excited smile on his face,The scene of opening a store has appeared in my mind,I have become the boss in the scene。
“Boss Ye,I still can’t believe it,too suddenly,I am a student,You are really not afraid that I will lose your business?”
“What are you afraid of,My money is lying in the bank,I am willing to do business,It’s mine,Earn you follow,How good,if you are willing to,Then I’m responsible for starting to find a shop as a photography shop,The venue of the training course can also be together,Find a suitable one and just ask me to get the money,Simple?”
“A photography shop,A training class,Rented shop,Plus decoration, some equipment and props, etc.,It’s about 200,000。”Cen Cheng actually asked about Xia Shuyue’s investment in this shop,Chen Dan always wanted to open a shop,So the two of them calculated a rough idea in private。
Ye Boping didn’t hesitate,“Ok,I know,200,000 is no problem,It seems you are willing,That’s it,Call your classmates together,I invite them to dinner,Let’s talk。”
“Ok,Boss Ye,I want to call you。”Cen Cheng nodded desperately,Hearty,I can’t close my mouth。
“Young people must have the energy to think and do,I think you are the material for great things。”Ye Boping didn’t forget to praise her。