The old case twenty years ago,More than just the secret of the blood family,Is also a heart disease of the instructor,Li Tianzhi finally stopped。
Old man Dong changed another tent,And changed clothes,Zhong Sanpu’s thin and indifferent face seems to have a little bit of life,After the three of them sit down again,Nothing happened to the old man,Look at old man Dong,There is a subtle eye contact between the two,Very vague,But under Li Tianzhen’s insight,Nowhere to hide,He doesn’t say a word。
Zhong Sanpu took out a small cloth bag from his arms,Flat,Folded carefully,He was also very careful when opening,Inside is a yellow, ugly handbook,See how dark the cover is,It’s been hundreds of years without saying。
“This is my master’s record of a ruin,It also has illustrations。”Zhong Sanpu carefully pushed the pamphlet to Li Tianzhi,There is no previous emotion in the gray eyes,All filled with solemn breath。
Old man Dong took out some photos from the file bag at hand,Also slowly placed in front of Li Tianzhen,“Repeated control,Almost exactly the same as the object in the illustration。”
The photo was taken in Liuyun Guan,It is the very strange triangular pyramid altar in the corridor,The person who took the picture is good,From several directions,Snapshots from different angles,Try to avoid the ubiquitous blood stains under the viewfinder。
Li Tianzhen seems to understand something,His expression suddenly became serious,He slowly flipped through the booklet which was not very thick,I saw an illustration on the third page,Pupils shrink suddenly,A big stone formation in the picture,A triangular pyramid altar right in the center,There has been a crack in it。
Chapter 960 Secret meeting
South of Yunlong Mountain, Northern Hebei,There is a small town called Kaiping in the depths of the lofty mountains,The town is small,Also very mysterious,Few permanent residents,Two confidential units hidden in the forest,Although not a military control zone,But heavily guarded。
A winding mountain road,In the middle of the cascading mountains,This is the only way to the outside world,A jeep is moving slowly on the mountain road,Although the speed dropped to 30 yards,But still unbearable,As if the next corner will fall apart。
Li Tianzhi and Old Man Dong don’t feel how,It takes too long,If it is not a matter of formalities and procedures,Neither of them need to ride,Arrived at the destination long ago,But no way,The middle-aged man who came with me is miserable,He has walked this way countless times,Suffer every time,But I never seem to be able to adapt。