At this point, she is still very confident.,After all, I have pursued her boys so many years.,And, everyone who pursues her boy is very excellent.,Just no one can enter her eyes。
“Humph,Standard male teacher does not like,But your way is that you can really try it.。”
Just finished this,I haven’t waited for Li Hui to answer.,The old man has already come over and invite Li to have passed.。
“Miss,This gentleman,Master is please。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng is also standing up and walking in Qin Xue.。
Feel the soft jade,Li Hui, couldn’t help but gently tightened。
Qin Xue is gently scratching the hands of Li Hui Feng.。
This response makes Li Hui also happy.。
soon,Li Hui and Qin Xue came to a large room in the second floor of the father.。
Enter the room,Li Hui is still a slap in the looseness of Qin Xue。
Qin Xue is also unlikely to continue pulling out the hand of Li Hui.,After all, at home education, although it is very different.,But thoughts are basically the same。
And this scene is in the eyes of Qin Tianjiao, but it is a flash that is not coming.。
“Xiao Li,I still remember what I said before.?”
I heard the father’s opening,Li Hui Feng looked at the old man,No half points,But more calm。
“Remember,I said Qin Grande, you have a disease.,I can govern you.,But you have to take a good rest.,Can extend longevity for ten years。”
Although this is not the first time, Li Hui said.,I can hear that Li Hui is so saying again.,Everyone is still surprised,Shock。
Especially this moment, Li speaks from the wind.,There is also the calm look,The God seems to see who is all right.,No fear,Nervous color。
Qin Baiyan can be clearly remembered that Lin Tian first saw the father.,The legs are parked under the pressure of the old man,Although Lin Tian is still small,But he believes that it is the same age with Li Hui.,It will not be better than Li with the wind.。
“Hahaha,very good,Then you know what I am this disease.?
Or what is the symptom??”
Qin Tianhao saw that Li Hui’s performance was also surprised.,To know that he is on the battlefield,The momentum on the body is just released, and it is enough to make this young man in front of him.。
But Li Hui is not only,But more calm,As soon as this courage is enough to appreciate him。
“Qin Grandpa, what are you sick, I don’t know?,But I know that your symptoms are definitely a headache.,Dizziness or even a problem。”
You don’t know what happened to me, how can I conclude that I can treat me??”
Qin Tian arrogant frowned and looked at Li Hui Feng。
“You said that it is not ill,,Just grow as age,Body is weak,Some things can’t be suppressed。”
“As for extended birthday,I need to give you a medicine.,This medicine is no harm,The premise is the father of your life.。”
Li Hui’s words made everyone surprised。
They have always thought that the treatment of diseases and longevity is a thing,I didn’t expect to separate.。
But think carefully,This is also true,After all, there are very few people in the patient’s disease.,And each of the grandfather is alone silently,They have been to many countries to see a doctor,But there is no exception to say that the father has no problem.,If there is also an invusion。
But how can this??
Because the old man is a lot of pain, the pain is a lot of pain.。
Therefore, the old man has changed slowly before the body.,After all, it is the truth of the medicine three-point poison.。