Tax deducting the people "money bag". Recently, the personal income tax app home hotspot topical block on the new "next year special additional deduction", the tax department called the taxpayer confirmed the relevant deduction information.

Zhang Yiqun, deputy director of the China Finance Society Performance Administration, said the "Securities Daily" reporter said that since the implementation of tax special additional deducting policies, the resident family has been significantly reduced in terms of six tax burdens in education, medical, housing, and support. The payment ability is greatly improved, and the quality of life is effectively improved. On the other hand, the improvement of family consumption capacity has also driven an important role in achieving the economic transformation of consumption drivers. Role. He Shuixin, director of the Financial Research Office of China Academy of Social Sciences, stated that the introduction of "Securities Daily" reporters, special additional deduction models, to become a reality, reflecting the concerns of individuals and family life, modern tax An important step in institutional construction.

Since then, tax reforms are no longer limited to exemption adjustments, and there is a special additional deduction.

It is important to note that the tax form of the year-end award will also usher in change. According to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Taxation, the individual has achieved a one-time bonus in the whole year, which is in line with the national regulations. Before December 31, 2021, it is not incorporated into the synthesis of the year, divided by a year-on-year bonus income divided by 12 months. The amount obtained is determined according to the integrated income tax rate table after the monthly conversion of the month, and the tax rate and calculation deduction are determined separately. Since January 1, 2022, the individual’s personal income tax should be incorporated into the company’s comprehensive income tax.

He Dynasty said that in 2019, the annual one-year bonus in 2020 and 2021 can be distributed to each month, which is conducive to the application of lower levels of tax rates. Since 2022, some income relatively high people will face the tax rate. In addition, from the currently released policy information, the next tax special additional deduction is expected to add a new item: In August this year, the State Council executive meeting clearly stated that it is clearly incorporated into a special additional deduction of infant care services under 3 years old. project.