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The love of white-headed and old-aged people is considered by many to be the most ideal and perfect state of life.

A recent survey conducted by a well-known global magazine, Reader’s Digest, in Germany found that in order to reach this level of marriage, three common factors must be overcome, and five avenues of biology must be overcome.

  Happy marriage has three common factors. Tolstoy said that happy families are similar, but unhappy families have their own misfortunes.

This investigation and study called “important factors of a happy marriage” confirms this famous saying.

The survey targets 1,000 German couples from 1 to 60 years of age.

The survey includes measuring the “Marriage Happiness Index” between couples and conducting case studies.

  The survey results show that there are three important factors that cause a couple to grow old. First, the quality of sex is relatively high.

Professor Willer, a German marriage and health expert who led the survey, pointed out that sex is governed by chemicals secreted from the brain.

It can increase the levels of oxytocin and vasopressin in the body. These chemicals make people feel strongly dependent.

  The second is to maintain a good relationship with your spouse.

Romantic love produces a chemical called dopamine, which makes people overly obsessed with their partners.

Surveys show that people who are infatuated with their lover more than 90% of the time.

  Third, there is a consensus on family life and work.

As you get older, your relationship will change from a “passion period” to a “quiet period.”

Stable family life gives them a strong sense of security, and it is this power that makes a couple grow old.

  Five Marriage Processes Biology Professor Weiler pointed out that in a person’s life, marriage goes through five stages, each stage has different characteristics, which may lead to the failure of marriage life.

Only by going through these five phylogenetics can we grow old.

  Mutual adaptation stage: 18-30 years old.

At this stage, young couples need to strike a balance between work and family life.

If they have children, the husband will be confused about his part of the family.

Experts suggest that at this time, more harmonious sex life should be used to make up for the relationship between husband and wife.

Research has shown that quarreling hurts newlyweds the most, and they should calm down and resolve grievances.

Professor Wehler said that a classic joke in Germany instructed men what to do at this time: “What is the sexiest thing-washing the dishes.

“Partner stage: 31-43 years old.

At this stage, the husband and wife have reached a certain balance in work and family life, and their opinions are similar, but the husband pays more attention to career development.

Statistics show that this age group is the most prone to divorce.

“If the husband and wife are independent, it is easy for outsiders to take advantage of it and disrupt the marriage.

Therefore, the wife must take into account the wishes and dreams of her husband, and often ask him: “How is it today, is everything going well?

“After listening to the workaholic husband’s feelings, only the husband and wife can communicate with each other.

  Confirmation stage: 44-56 years old.

During this period, women’s recognition of sexual life reached its peak in life.

They have put down the burden of parenting and are relaxed, and need to prove that they are still sexy in the eyes of their husbands.

  Exchange stage: 57-65 years old.

Anticipation of male aging is gradually emerging, and wives become the most important part of their lives.

During this period, women seek liberation, but men need a guarantee of love.

  Favorite stage: 66 years and older.

After years of knowing and loving each other, the husband and wife are most comfortable and harmonious during this period.

  ”One wish” guides the old man in the survey. In the investigation, researchers found that if the initializer has a strong desire to make the marriage happy, the success rate of his marriage life will be higher.Otherwise, marriage will appear blank, and there will even be a crisis of disintegration.

  Dr. Redell, an expert on divorce research, said that some bad behavior may be the cause of divorce.

Such as domestic violence, alcohol addiction, drug abuse and depression, which has always been the number one divorce among Western couples.

“Almost any kind of mental illness makes marriage difficult to maintain.

“The survey shows that most people think that husbands and wives should tolerate each other and make predictions for each other before they can grow up together.