“Boss yellow!This wine is in the best state。Tomorrow we have business,You should go back”Xia Jian said,The last bit of wine was poured into Ye’s glass。Don’t wait for Topaz to speak,So I drank it myself。
Huang Yuhong smiled and said:“Enough man,Let’s go away then!”
What Huang Yuhong said,Secretary Wang and Liu Zimin want to run out with eight legs。The upper and lower eyelids of the two have already started fighting。
These people leave,Did it give Xia Jian。Qin Xiaomin crawled on the chair and slept soundly,Xia Jian took a lot of effort to wake her up。The woman asked when she opened her eyes:”It’s work time?“
“What class are you in!Go back to bed soon“Xia Jian said,Qin Xiaomin pulled slightly。
Qin Xiaomin staggered,Almost sat on the ground。Xia Jian is in a hurry,Hurriedly supported her。The topaz that had already walked into the yard,When she heard Xia Jian’s voice,Touched it back。
“Let me help you!You can’t do this。Where is Vice Mayor Qin staying tonight?“So loud。Huang Yuhong swayed and walked over in two steps。
Xia Jian gave a bad cry,He thought this topaz red was quite drinkable,I didn’t expect it to be like this。It’s only half a catty of wine after drinking,I started to walk unsteadily。
“Oh!She will live with Feng Xiaowei tonight“Xia Jian said,Quickly hold Qin Xiaomin,For fear that she would fall to the ground。
Huang Yuhong smiled and said:“I thought she was sleeping here!“This woman really drank too much,There is no more door in your mouth。But she said,It still got under Qin Xiaomin’s armpit,Help Qin Xiaomin and say go。
that’s it,Three people together,The stumbled anti-Qin Xiaomin helped into Feng Xiaowei’s bedroom。Xia Jian, who drank too much, forgot that it was already night,As soon as he walked into Feng Xiaowei’s bedroom,Can’t help being dumbfounded。