Beijing Construction and Trade Union expressed his gratitude to the construction workers who had a hard work for the city’s deputy center, to participate in the construction of the construction workers to build this millennium, and the three major architectural project builders overcome the disadvantages. The results of the three major construction projects have been fully affirmed, and they will continue to carry forward the spirit of hardships when they continue to carry forward, and the spirit of the artisan spirit of the three major architectures will be made in the case of the construction of the three major buildings. Ok, build more boutique for the construction of the city center. At the same time, when the majority of employees must pay attention to safe production during flood season and high temperature operation, continue to prevent epidemic prevention and control, scientifically arrange the schedule to ensure good health. Urban Green Heart Forest Park opened last year is a model of urban construction in the new era. The three major buildings in urban green heart are important node projects in the sub-center city framework. Beitou Group said that the three major architectural projects have achieved a hard work of each chief package unit.

Beitou Group will further protect the rights and interests of the builders, and resolutely do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, high-quality promotion project construction, do not insult the mission, not responsible, ensure that the project is unveiled before the end of 2021, and completed at the end of 2022 Traffic. In the future, Beitou Group will also provide three major architectural sharing facilities operation management services with the highest level, which is committed to making it a cultural pearl on the large canal, making new and greater contributions to high quality development of urban center! The constructor participating in this event representative from the three major construction projects of Beitou Group, as well as the construction general contracting unit, Beijing Construction Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group, China Railway Construction Group, etc. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.