2016 Kunlun vs Qingdao Station live video match Wang Sai vs Su Lunxing to the second match live broadcast address
In Kunlun, there was never a lack of brave and warrior fighters.One of the middleweight leaders in China’s comprehensive fighting field is the Fire Unicorn King Race.The 30-year-old Wang Sai was born in Weihai, Shandong, with a height of 184 cm. MMA has a record of 10 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw and 4 opponents.  When will the 2016 Kunlun Kings vs. Su rounds come to the second match?For details, please pay attention to the game time and viewing address of the 2016 Kunlun Kings vs. Sulun Xingzhi to the second match.点击观看直播:2016昆仑决青岛站——王赛vs宿轮幸至视频比赛直播地址  王赛是一个标准的山东大汉,他12岁习武,先后接受过散打、泰拳、拳击、巴西柔术等He is proficient in combat training, and he is proficient in many famous boxing techniques in the world. He combines the essence of various boxing techniques into one, and finally uses them in the field of comprehensive fighting.  Comprehensive fighting techniques and hot fighting styles have made Wang Sai an important leader of China’s comprehensive fighting.  Wang Sai has won many honors in China. In 2005, he was the 75-kg Sanda champion in Shandong province, in 2008 he was in the 80-kg MMA hegemony championship, in 2009 he was in the 78-kg MMA match, and he won the 2010 championship.World Championship 85kg, World Kung Fu Championship 85kg, Ultimate Fighting 85kg, WCK Super Middleweight MMA Intercontinental Championship in 2012, and WMCMA in 2012) And the World Mixed Fighting Championship (WMMAC) double material world champion, is also the first Chinese comprehensive fighting player to win the world championship.In January 2016, Kunlun decided to compete in Shanghai. Wang Sai strongly defeated Sergei from the fighting nation and won the important title of Kunlun’s 80kg MMA World Championship.  The gold belt symbolizes the supreme honor and absolute recognition of its own strength. There are as many as six gold belts in Wang Sai, including three world-class gold belts and three intercontinental gold belts. Wang Sai is a gold belt in China’s MMA fieldOne of the most champions with the highest gold content.  Wang Sai’s ring style is fierce and fierce, and his fists and legs are heavy and powerful. In 2015, he began to follow Kunlun’s decision to compete with the world’s strong players. Over the past two years, Wang Saili has beaten all masters and achieved impressive results. He is certified by Kunlun.The current world champion of the 80kg comprehensive combat, currently one of the most important boxing champions in the Chinese fighting world. On December 10, Kunlun will be kicked off at the Guoxin Gymnasium in Qingdao Sports Center. The world championship king will be with the Japanese giants.Lun Xingzhi started a fierce two-time battle, because of the battle of Lu Xingzhi to drink and hate defeat, this revenge battle has attracted the attention of boxing fans-can Wang Sai defeat Susan Xingzhi twice?Is Sulun lucky to be able to revenge successfully?Suspense! Previous page12Next page