“Niu Niu took the water?”
“Waiting for Grandpa to know!”
Niu Niu led Su Grandpa,Holding a water scoop,Shake and stay balance。
I am afraid that the water is gone.。
“Quick back,I have dinner right away.!”
“it is good!”
Niu Niu is straight to the location of the brick。
“Not to see the painting of a girl painting??How come here?”
Grandpa Sui remembered that Niu Niu said yesterday is not here.。
“grandfather,You first helped to put the blue brick frame.?”
Niu Niu did not answer positive answers,Command your grandfather to put the bricks needed。
seeing is believing!This should be more useful!More easily convinced grandfather!
“Not put it on,Besveled!exactly!That’s it,A little more!Anti-point!Be!”
Some weights of the bricks,Su Ye failed to have some strength。Slowly put it in a suitable position,Hearing the waist。
“grandfather,You help me!Don’t sprinkle it.!”
Niu Niu put the water in his own grandfather’s hand。
Crouch, began to mud
“All right,Can http://www.ping-yuan.cn pour water!”
Grandpa Sui took the scoop and did not know what,I am afraid that I have broken the girl.。
“I started from above.,Post a little brick!I will become a sudden!”
I only see the mud group slipped next to the water.,Did not slip down like Niu Niu’s expectations
“grandfather,look,If there is something on both sides block!It’s just from here.,Then fall here?”
Niu Niu is looking forward to watching his grandfather,I hope he can think of something you want to express.,
“grandfather,What do you think this mud group is like??”
Niu Niu description、Describe,There is a picture,Then regret it.。
Why is it so disgusting??Did you see your grandfather??Such a toss!
“I see!Niu Niu wants to build a small totro?Walking with water!”
It can be understood.,Niu Niu mad nod。
“Waiting for the http://www.foutj.cn grandfather back,Discover you with you and Bad,See how to get!Thus,When you get the toilet, you will clean it.!”
Fast after lunch,Niu Niu immediately returned to his house。
There is still something like small fur balls.!
Niu Niu, sitting on the legs,Concentrate meditation。
“what’s wrong?Can I go out again??”
Niu Niu’s obvious feeling, the small hair is excited in the space.,Also turn several circles。
Sure enough, it’s broken.!
fair enough,Weak points make you care。