Walking “eight-foot” hurts internal organs and health

Bowing, bending over, “outside characters”. These bad walking postures are not only ugly, but also affect brain health.
  Walking up the chest is good for the backflow of blood and blood around the body and the brain. That is to say, when you walk up and walk chest, you can let the brain rest.
When people walk, the whole body meridians follow along, and the walking posture with chest and stooping just makes these meridians not get good relaxation, and the body can’t get the oxygen supply.
  In addition, the spinal problems caused by bad walking are also reflected in the brain, leaving the brain in a state of tension.
  ”External eight characters” walking interferes with the yang, making the liver, spleen and kidney blood flow poor, affecting the supply of blood in the brain.
  The “eight characters” affect the meridians of the gallbladder, stomach and bladder. These meridians are all around the spine, and the blood around the spine is not smooth, which affects the blood circulation of the brain.
  The walking posture of the adolescent side neck and shoulders will also affect the blood flow of the Du Meridian, resulting in poor blood and blood, thus affecting brain health.
  The correct walking posture The eyes are straight ahead, the head is slightly high, the neck is straight, the chest is naturally upright, the waist is straight, the lower abdomen is closed, the buttocks are slightly posterior, and the walking force focuses on the inside of the metatarsophalangeal joint.