Fat face becomes thin face and insists on massage for 5 minutes every day.

If you want to have a perfect face with a melon seeds, then quickly learn the super thin face exercises that you will teach you below!

Just take five minutes in the morning or evening to make your face smaller!

From now on, I don’t have to worry about the big pie face anymore.

  Face-lifting massage technique: Step1 gently taps the face and gently taps the face with both hands, so as to relax the facial muscles.

But be careful not to use it!

  After tapping gently, release your hands.

The eyes can be closed when doing this movement.

  Step2 Put your hands on your cheeks and pinch your hands, let your palms warm up, then use your warm hands to hold your eyes.

  Step3 The mouth of the drum blows up to keep your hands on your cheeks, bulging your mouth and drumming it.

  Step4 mouth blows up the movement of the mouth and drums to the vertical, exhales vigorously, blowing out the gas in the mouth, so that you can move to the muscles of the cheeks.

  Step5 mouth issued an “ah” sound to open the mouth, making an “ah” sound.

Try to open your mouth as you speak.

  Step6 mouth emits a “beep” sound and continues to open his mouth, making a “squeaky” sound.

  Step7 The mouth emits an “E” sound followed by an “E” sound, and the mouth tries to open to the two cymbals.

  Cheek recommendation method: tapping method + massage method tapping method: After washing your face in the morning and evening, gently tap your face with your hands until the cheeks are reddish.

This method can not only promote blood circulation in the face, but also make the look ruddy, and it can also achieve the effect of tightening the face and highlighting the outline.

  Massage: First apply a massage cream, then pull the excess meat in the buttocks and extend it, then slowly move it down to the nose.

One action lasts about 5 seconds and lasts for 1 minute.

  Chin recommended method: chin exercise 1.

Insertion method: The head is tilted to the right, the right hand is extended to the left side of the head, the head is gently pressed down, and then the camera is allowed to stand for 20 seconds.

Then change the edge, do it once and for all, and repeat it 4 times.


Push-pull method: Put your left hand on the chin, push the chin up, and repeat this action 10 times, then change your right hand to the chin and push it up 10 times.