“Kim So Yeon?How could she appear in Shenzhen University?”Lu Menglin even thought he was wrong,May be the wrong person,But Dingqing took a look,This eyebrow,This smile,He is clearly Chairman Kim of Daewoo Group!
Kim So Yeon gently put the test paper on the podium,Looked across the classroom,Then fell on Lu Menglin’s body,Laugh without talking,I just never looked away。
Didn’t even notice,An old man came in behind Kim So Yeon。
“What are you doing?!Prepare for a test!”The old man yelled,The boys who lost their souls shook back to their bodies one after another。
This old man is the dean of the department,The most serious one,Under the suppression of the dean’s powerful aura,The boys in the classroom barely concentrated,But still can’t help but look at that one。
Kim So Yeon smiles,Holding the test paper slowly and walking towards the bottom of the podium,Place the test papers on the table of the first person in the front row。
No matter where she goes,The eyes of the classmates follow wherever they go,Totally attracted。
Kim So Yeon after sending out the test papers,Moved a small bench with a smile,Sitting in the back row of Lu Menglin’s line,Only two seats away from Lu Menglin。
She is seated,But the boys in the back row are so happy,Heart and soul,Hell if you can do well in this test!
Start of exam,But the classmates in the classroom are obviously absent-minded,I can’t help but want to turn my head,Want to see what that person is doing!This is male instinct,By nature,Can’t help it。
Although Lu Menglin is also quite curious,But for Kim So Yeon’s charm,He is obviously more mental than other boys
Much prepared。
He is probably one of the few and has not looked back,But someone who can concentrate on the test paper。
Lu Menglin writes like flying,Like a god,Luckily last nightKQuestion bank,And the content of the first semester of university exams is much easier than I thought。
It’s just that the following essay questions have some difficulty,For Lu Menglin,It’s not that the content is difficult to answer,But some legal opinions in my head,Basically come from later generations,Very different from what I learned in 1999,So he must carefully consider,Don’t get the answer to the super era,Then trouble。