“To cultivate zhenqi is to open up the meridian points of the body one by one。It’s because the zombie’s body is tyrannical,Own meridian、The acupuncture points become thicker,Hard to get through。”
Zhu Huiwei said with a wry smile:“My martial arts talent is not as good as yours,But it’s also a wizard。Or I can’t be in my thirties,The deep trust of Emperor Yongle。
My master once said,As I practice martial arts hard,May enter after fifty。”
“But after becoming a zombie,Is the discovery,Although the life span has become longer,The difficulty of cultivation has also increased by more than ten times。”
“Six hundred years since I became a zombie,Except for wasting two hundred years of hard work to restrain blood sucking,In the past four hundred years, there have been two hundred years of hard practice,But it’s still a step away from entering the product。”
Chen Xiu stopped all the way,The more you discover that zombies have a longer life span,In fact, no human being is more unique in cultivation。
But although it’s easier for humans to practice,But to live more than a hundred years old is the best。To fight for life,Humans are a thousand miles away from zombies。
“Do not……wrong,If it becomes difficult to practice after becoming a zombie,Guo Jing got the cheats from what cultivator,How can the cultivation level be greatly improved in a short time,Reached the realm of Ninth Pin Zhenqi?”
“That’s because the cheats Guo Jing got from the practitioners are no longer in the scope of martial arts,Already belongs to the fairy law!”
Chen Xiu’s heart is making waves again:“Is it《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》The above exercises also belong to the category of fairy methods!”
I’m about to ask more about cultivators,Suddenly there was a burst“rustle”Sound of walking。
“somebody is coming!”
Zhu Huiwei’s face changed drastically,Whispered:“Here in the wilderness,Few people trace,Must be Baihu’s ancestors!”
“Listen to each other’s heavy steps,Should not be a master。I kill them!”
“No way。Kill them now,Will only provoke the ancestor of the white tiger!”
Chen Xiu’s footsteps holding on to the place are getting closer,I looked at the river water on the beach again:“Go to the water first。”
Chen Xiu jumped into the river immediately,After a while, Zhu Huiwei didn’t get into the water,Is coming out to urge:“Hurry down!”
“I……I am afraid of water……”