“boom!puff!Snapped!”The first sound is a projectile fired by a strange weapon,Hit the black-haired man in the chest,Pass through,Make the sound of being penetrated,But the black-haired man kicked out with a kick,Even after being hit, he was driven by huge inertia and kicked the blond man in the head。
The black-haired man fell to the ground in pain after being hit,Wright suddenly found the black-haired man’s face‘Mist’Disappear,A huge fear grabbed my heart
The face of a black-haired man,Almost exactly the same as Wright himself,It’s like he is an adult!
“what!”Wright wakes up from a nightmare。
Chapter VII Caravan
Chapter 7 Caravan
“jingle~jingle~”Sweet ringtones,Accompanied by the bell is a long caravan。
Fallen Dragon Fort is located at the northern end of the mainland,Extremely cold climate,Even the food cannot be completely self-sufficient。In order to maintain the supply of the town,And all kinds of items needed by the residents of the town,Some caravan trades are essential。
And the size of a small town,And the financial resources of the local lord Viscount Cap,I don’t have the ability to organize a caravan—Of course there is no need。
Every year about every two months,Caravans will come to the door,Stay a few days,Organize transactions。Not only Fallen Dragon Fort,Throughout the Northland Province,Most small towns are like this。
Although the town is remote,But not too poor。first,Near the Warcraft Mountains,Are there adventurers here?,Residents in various consumer towns will not be more polite。In addition, although locally grown food production is very low,But it produces several kinds of herbs that must grow vigorously in cold regions。So small town residents can put out some money to buy their favorite things。
Whenever the caravan comes,Will form a lively market-like scene。
“Good linen,Three meters a gold coin!”
“Condiments shipped from the Magnolia Empire–The dishes are all glowing after cooking。”
“Honey honey!Sweet honey!”
“Fine weapons made by master craftsmen,There is a sword,Three styles of long sword and axe,Best for brave fighters。”