Xia Jian in the house only understands,Director Tang’s feelings came with the spirit of wine。
“shut up,Why can’t she let men in?,I still don’t believe in this evil,Unless there are hidden secrets in her house”Director Tang said,Forced to rush in。
Wang Huimin’s face changed,Said sharply:“It turns out that Director Tang didn’t come to work,But came here to find things,Don’t blame me for being polite,You must have heard of my Wang Huimin’s method”
“heard about it,People are not only beautiful,Hands and feet are also good,Pity you are wrong,My Tang is also a practicer”Director Tang just finished speaking,A light wave of the left hand,I leaned on the steps。
Wang Huimin sees it,Scream,Fist out,Just listen to a few pops,Two people have gone through a few tricks,Xia Jian in the house,Judge by sound,These two people are really good。
“rogue!”suddenly,Wang Huimin yelled。
It turns out that Director Tang will not be able to defeat Wang Huimin when he sees him,Then came a trick,Left hand shake,The right hand hit Wang Huimin’s tall chest,Wang Huimin who is unprepared here,Can only shout,Moved the whole body back a step。
Director Tang took this opportunity,One step has entered the hall,When he saw Xia Jianshi standing inside the house,He was more surprised than seeing an alien。
“You get out!”Wang Huimin yelled and chased in。
Director Tang’s face trembled,Said with a sneer:“Wang Huimin,Really didn’t see it,It turns out that you hide a wild man in your house,I can’t stop you from letting others in,You are pretending to be chaste these years,Deceived the whole village,Actually you**More hateful”
“You shit!“Wang Huimin couldn’t help cursing。
Director Tang’s face changed,Said viciously:“This man is hiding in the house,You have to argue,Did I gather all of you in Xiaotian Village?,You are willing to admit“
“Who cares if my mom hides you?,You are the village director“Hongyu rushed in,Pointing at Director Tang and cursing。
Wang Huimin on one side has been turned blue with anger,Trembling lips,Can’t speak for a long time。