It’s another stick,Or a little bit of winter plum,Still so fast,So overbearing!
The great magic ape stick method has long been practiced by a big cow to the realm of Xiaocheng,It’s natural when it comes out,No flaws。
For this quick and straight stick method,Chicken stealers can’t make moves。Because if you take a dagger,The next stick of such a big cow,The coming will be faster,More difficult to pick up。
But he can’t hold back。His actual combat experience is richer than Daniel,But his dagger is much shorter, only suitable for close combat,And Daniel’s water fire stick is one inch long and one inch strong。If you take the stick method of Daniel,His dagger is less than a bit cheaper。
A dignified bounty hunter,I was forced to retreat in front of a mountain villager,This is a big loss!
Without any choice,The chicken thief had to click three times,Three hits at the end of the stick,Click out,Although his arms are numb,But Daniel’s Yijin and Bone Forging Skill has almost reached the first level,Body is much stronger than ordinary people,Slightly turned bloody,Arm recovered immediately,The initiative is still in his hands。
Don’t forgive big bulls,The water and fire stick in his hand waved like lightning,The iron rod of over a hundred catties is as light as a branch in his hand。
“Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”In the sound of stick wind,I clicked more than ten times in a row。
Daniel these ten sticks,The angle and speed of each stick are different,But every stick is so fast,So overbearing,The stick shadow is three inches from the chicken stealer,Take the chicken stealer’s cultivation and fighting experience,Frozen is firmly suppressed by Daniel,I can’t fight back!
Frustrated,It’s too frustrated!