“This thing we plan to return to Yansheng to eat。”
“A lot of dishes。”
“I come!”
Key moments or children……The only Li Dong standing up in the game。
The nanong ramps the mouth.,Go out two steps,She stopped again,Back:“One is a hot pot,The other is a spicy,You can live again,Simply written them on your face.,Anyway, for the undercover is almost……”
At this time, the second sister opened his eyes.:“It turns out that you are hot pots.!I thought you were all spicy.!I am actually underlying!”
Simply a lot。
Female bedroom,Li Dong held mobile phone lighting。
Nan Ge first paved the film on the bed,Also moving a bench on the bed,I feel almost,Remove the light bulb packaging。
I really interest……
Nan Ge grinned,Brother holding light bulb:“You see http://www.hunterconstrong.cn the paper on this.,‘Do not put the bulb into your mouth’,Hahaha has a disease,Which is stupid, there is no way to put the light bulb into your mouth.,This thing can’t eat。”
Li Dong replied seriously:“It can’t be taken after putting it in your mouth.,Will cause very serious consequences。”
“Um?Why can’t you come out??”
“I……I don’t know……Just can’t get it。”
“Get out。”
“Can’t get out,Our teacher。”
“In theory,Can take it out。”Nan Ge said to your brother.,“You see this bulb is very round,Can put it, it will prove enough,Even if you can’t get it, it is definitely because you are not lubricated.,Add some oil to take it out。”
“Our teacher……”
The younger brother have not finished yet.,Suddenly open eyes,Wake yourself, I don’t know if I don’t know.,Take the horse to cover the mouth,Look at the sister。
My sister http://www.tiansilang.cn also looked at him.,Playing with him。
Not long,My sister boweds the light bulb.,Open your mouth,Reach out,Similar to the estimated size。
ten minutes later。
I have eaten a lot of rapeseed oil, I can’t take the light bulb, I am sitting in the living room.,Mouth drum,Exposed half of the lamp tail。In front of many people,The people of the whole Lao Li gathered here.,The oldest has been more than 70,Minimum talent,Black pressure,The sound even covered the TV。
Someone is anxious to discuss countermeasures,Some people hate the iron innead steel,Someone is making fun of her,The most evil thing is that there are people who hold mobile phones.。
Nan Ge came back and forth,That,One sentence is not。
Of course, you can’t come out.。
But her heart is calm.。
Even still wondering:Why can’t I get it??
finally,A http://www.ljrfkz.cn family decided to send her to the hospital,From the only four uncle who didn’t drink alcohol tonight to send her。
Si uncle is in the army,Car skills,However, there are many people in the village in the night.,The road is narrow,Also put a lot of small stalls,I haven’t blocked it yet.。