"There is paradise, there is Su Hang", this is a proverb that is also circulating today.

But when did this prover start?Why is Su Hang for paradise?Why is Suzhou, saying that Su was in front of?This is the problem related to history.Fan Chengda "Wu-gun": "Heaven, Heaven, Underground Suhang.

"Fan Chengda is a person in the early years of the Southern Song Dynasty. At the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty, this kind of proverb. In the Ming Dynasty, Lang Wei’s" Seven Repair Crape "is spreading this proverb, but it turns into heaven, and says Su Hang.".

Although "Wuji Zhi" and "Seven Recipe" contained in paradise and Suzhou, it is slightly different from the words and heaven, there is a heaven, and there is Su Hang. In the end, when there is a paradise, there is a Suzhou, "is it? In the Qing Dynasty, Yu Hao is "popular", according to Liu Wei’s "Tree Record": "Half Thousands of Zhuang is in Jiao Zichuan, very scenic.

Luo said: ‘There is a paradise, and there is a house. ‘"Those" there is a paradise, there is a Suhang ", the proverb is spread from the slang of the staff.

Liu Wei is a Northern Song Dynasty. He is half a thousand thousands of people.

When I was half a thousand in Tang Gaozong, I sent my book from Chen: "The family is dissatisfied with thousands of money, there is a thirty acre of the field." Historical book said that he has innocent operation, there is a great Zhuangzi, which is like paradise, causing some people’s envy .

But a private Zhuangzi who can pass to several generations? How much impact? I don’t know why, "Memberz" is changed to "Su Hang", and the meaning is different, and it has been passed away. From here we can understand, from heaven – Manzhuang to Paradise – Su Hang, there is a process, earliest, after the Tang Zhongye, and the poet Baiju is easy to associate.

Bai Juyi first made Hangzhou thorn history, then made Suzhou thorn history, his scenery of Hangzhou, admired in the mouth, the scenery of Suzhou, time to look at the poem. Such as poetry is concentrated, "and Yin Yumiyan Yu Yuanjiang" poem: "Jiangnan famous counts of Suzhou, written in Yinjia 30." Also "the arms": "Su Hang is known as the name of the county, the best of the best .

"Especially" Recalling Jiangnan "poems:" Jiangnan Yi, the most memories is Hangzhou "," Jiangnan Yi, Second Recalling Wu Palace "and other sentences, recall the population.

The reason why Suzhou-Hangzhou Second State was observed, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, the economic status of Jiangnan after China Tang was significantly improved. Why is Su Hang? Some people say that this is the relationship between poetry, because the above is paradise, here is here to say Su Hang Cai rhyme; if there is "there is a day", the end of the article "There is Hang Su". This seems to be treated, and it is not true.

The proverb has begun to first Su Hhou-Hangzhou, that is, Bai Ju Yi’s poetry, all, in Hangzhou, Suzhou, also mentioned in Suzhou, not called Hang Su, this is not a Bai Ju Yilu, thin, but because of the historical status of Suzhou Second state of. When Bai Juyi did a thorn history in Hangzhou, there was a poem. Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huzhou: "Xixi (lake) is so sleek, Maoyuan (Su) is too prosperous, only this Qiantang County, busy intended.

"Fan Chengda" Wu Juan "also agreed to this statement. Bai Ju Yi poetry is very specific, such as the cloud:" Jiaji is standard the world, the annual seaside, the map is 100,000, the soldiers are 5,000 people.

"This is what can’t be in Hangzhou at the time.

Tang’s Hangzhou Basic and Ming, Qing’s Hangzhou Government is generally large, Tang Shizhou includes the Ming, Qing’s Suzhou, Jiaxing, Songjiang three stations; Hangzhou, Tang Dynasty is an Shangzhou, Suzhou is the only Qiongzhou, Jiangnan (See "General" Wen Zong Too and Seven Years Note); As for the account, Suzhou has maintained 100,000 households after China Tang, and it is also protruding in the Jiangnan Zhuzhou.

It can be seen that there is a factual basis according to the Bai Juyi Poem.

This is also an important information on the history of economic development in Suzhou. Bai Ju Yi poem describes Suzhou prosperous, such as: "Replay Jiangshan Zhuang, Tang Paic Well, people thick over Yangfu (Yangzhou), Square half Changan.

"" Farming is near the high and low temples, there are Presses of the South-North Bridge, the water trails are scattered, and the chess is the city account. "Description Suzhou city is broad, the neighborhood is lively, there are many people, the bridge, the water is more, the temple is the poem. In addition to being placed in Lushan, be put in Luoyang, and place a place in Suzhou Nanchan Temple.

This in turn illustrates that in the eyes of the poet, in addition to thinking that the beauty of Hangzhou natural scenery exceeds Suzhou, Suzhou is above Hangzhou. Of course, Hangzhou is still much better than other states. It can be seen that the poet is repeatedly known as Su Hang, not called Hangzhou, has a certain reason. Lang Wei believes that "talking about heaven, talking about Su Hang", is not a Tang Dynasty, he believes that "Hangzhou Tang is unite in the Tang Dynasty, why can I get mergers." This sentence is only half.

Tang Taihang does not have a fact that Su Hang can’t be merged, then there are five parts of Suzhou, the end of Baiji Yi’s Poetry, is this? We are calling because of Suzhou-Hangzhou, the proverbies of "there are paradise, there are Suhang", and the words of Lang Wei are not in line with the idea. In the Song Dynasty, Suzhou is still prospering, Hangzhou is more prosperous.

The Su Shi "Reading the Tianda Play" said: "Lotte virgin the old Zhang Su, the stream poultry"

"This can be said to rhyme, the poem of his wife Dongpo:" The Cadi is a sappy, and the Suzhou-Hangzhou "is still called Su Hang.

After the Southern Song, the situation is very different, Deng Lin first enters Hangzhou poetry: "Tour all over the rivers and lakes, do not know people with paradise.

"Deng Lin especially stressed that Hangzhou is paradise, this is the status of Hangzhou, the Southern Song Dynasty. However, the production of rice rice in Suzhou is still the first," Wu-gun "has the proverb of" Suhu familiarity, the world "; Lu Yen" Changzhou Benn "There is" Su Changfu, the world ".

Whether it is Su Lake, Su Chang is also, Suzhou is still very important in the economic status in the Song Dynasty. The so-called paradise of the feudal era is the paradise of the landlord, and it is not a hell for the working people.

However, the feudal era is a new level in which Su-Hang Bi is reflects in the development of the feudal economy in China. In particular, the Suzhou area has been rapidly developed from the Tang Zhong Ye, and a state has developed into three states and has become the advanced region of China’s feudal economic development. This is worth studying.

"There is paradise, there is Suhang" proverb, its historical significance is there.

  Note: The title of this article is "the origin" of Suzhou, Zhang Hang said, "June 11, 1961," Xinhua Daily · Xinhua Journal ", has incorporated" History Cong " year.