Decoding the seven psychology of women in love

No matter from the point of view of sexual relations or self-growth, coquetry can no longer bring fun and make life more interesting. According to the analysis of psychologists, it is an innate driving force for human beings.

Past research believes that the process of flirting is involved by men.

Just like the courtship of males and females in nature, after seeing a favorite woman, men are invited by her endocrine to send love to her, in an attempt to win the favor among many suitors.

  However, the latest research shows that the power of the whole process lies with women.

Adolescents who are women’s favorite men signal, encouraging him to pursue their own offensive.

Psychologists call this kind of movement a subconscious temptation, which is actually flirting.

  Improved use of body language can accelerate the temperature of a relationship.

When you are alone with him, you may wish to increase the contact between the two with small gestures: tap the back of his hand in time to replace his opinion, caress his hair, whisper in his ear, and let your two knees touch each other. Many women mistakenly believe that when emotions are stable, there is no need to flirt to increase interest.

In fact, proper flirting is enough to make you two rekindle the fire of love when you first met, and to make his sexuality “revived”.

  Experts suggest that the following flirts are applicable at any time and place, and the results are unexpectedly good.

As he gazed at him affectionately, he licked his upper lip with his tongue extended.

Or touch the middle finger to Fang’s lips, rubbing back and forth as if to taste his fingers as sweet.

  Or get close to him and let the round bone lightly touch his upper arm, mimicking a finger sliding over his back and back, and the fracture made his bones crisp in a short time.

  When they were alone, they whispered admiration or praise in his ears, and even dared to make flirtatious flirtations. When you were sure that both were interesting to go further, ensure that he was immediately excited.

  A psychiatrist based on years of clinical experience has shown that physical intimate contact for a man often enhances his sense of security more than a psychological understanding of being “needed.”

Therefore, flirting with your partner at the right time can definitely make your relationship spark different.

  Flirting can have a positive impact on love, not only can it catch your lover’s attention, increase your intimacy, let your partner know that even if he needs you, you also yearn for his passion.

  If you are conservative by nature and want to use flirting to bring back a tired relationship but not start, remember to show weakness at the right time, and ask your partner for help first.

Being weak in front of a partner and asking for help can add to each other’s interest in life.

  Learning how to coquettishly also helps develop your sexual self, enabling you to overcome your timid personality and enjoy intimate relationships more.

In a way, coquettishness and performance have the same purpose: they can make patients temporarily forget the restrained “self” in the short-term process, and over time can make a great change in personality.

  On the surface, a woman who has the courage to develop her sexuality is sexy and lively, and she is like a fish in the interaction between the sexes. On the level of life, she is not only more aggressive, but also can overcome setbacks and difficulties.

  Maybe you have no proud bust, slender figure and charming temperament because of your eyes, so you never think you have the potential to flirt with men.

In fact, the focus of an attractive flirt is not to have beauty, but to show confidence and focus.

Attentive eyes and good manners are the most effective means of flirting.

“Careful observation and recognition of each other’s needs is the most irresistible way of flirting.

“It’s the function of flirting to get along with each other, to admit one’s sexual needs, and let your partner know how to please yourself, so that they can reach the pinnacle of sensory pleasure more quickly.

“Let flirting be a part of life” is not to encourage you to be a lonely flower butterfly, but when you understand that coquetry is necessary for developing your self and even managing your sexual life, it will naturally be internalized intoPart of personal characteristics.

Actively develop your own self-creation.

Because men never know what kind of surprise you will bring them next.