However, the old Garcia, who is almost eighty this year, has also honed in many years of life.。His vision is particularly accurate,Ordinary travelers, merchants, adventurers, mercenaries or even nobles,He glanced at,Can guess the identity of the other party seven or eight,With this ability,Old Garcia also caught many criminals like thieves,I also took care of the greasy position of the city gate。
now,Old Garcia is bored standing at the main entrance of Homecoming City,Collect entrance tax from passing passers-by。
This tax collection also requires foresight,For example, in the flow of people coming and going back home,Not to mention the real Big Mac Chamber of Commerce,such as‘Doug Chamber of Commerce’‘Geer Chamber of Commerce’,It’s the second-class regional chamber of commerce,Garcia has no right to collect city tax from them,Of course they have to benefit the lord of the city,But this kind of high-level exchange of benefits,Garcia, this kind of person, naturally can’t stand up。And small and medium caravans charge taxes,Is the fat sheep in Garcia’s eyes,The entrance tax for small and medium caravans is not fixed,He has no power,Most of the time you can only spend money on Ping An。Not to mention the entrance tax for the Chamber of Commerce,Just a small expense,Even if you charge twice or even three times more,It’s just equivalent to hiring one more mercenary on the road。
Entrance tax for adventurers,It’s also a big problem。If it’s a pure mercenary, it’s better to say,Mercenaries who escorted past merchants,Still have some money on hand,Relative income is more stable,Also safer,I won’t be stingy with some entrance taxes,Not to mention most of the time,The entrance tax for mercenaries is paid by the Chamber of Commerce,As long as it is not too high,Three of the two silver coins’ entrance tax,There is no problem at all。
As for the adventurers who enter the Warcraft Mountains or Sunset Mountains,But nothing to provoke。People entering two mountain ranges,Some are powerful and powerful who enter the mountains to experience,I don’t care about the number of silver coins。But those greedy warcraft hunter adventurers,You can take gold coins very seriously,Dare to make more money from them?They dared to draw a knife and chop off the guards,Fled back into the mountains。It is impossible for Homecoming City to send troops to the two mountain ranges to hunt down individual adventurers.。
now,Old Garcia’s eyes are bright,He saw a young man passing,He is about 1.8 meters tall,It’s a rare dark brown eye pupil,The appearance and temperament are quite firm,But with Garcia’s eyes,But you can see that his face is still a bit immature,Maybe just sixteen or seventeen,He is wearing a blue leather armor,Carrying a staff behind。The staff is also inlaid with a very good quality ruby。
“A noble master”Garcia thought about,If it is a real noble,Naturally it is not his turn to collect the money,But this kind of little ghost who looks like an ordinary nobleman,He has seen too much,Most of them listen to stories like novels and run around wanting‘Experience’,A foolish kid eager to encounter adventures。If it is a nobleman,Instead of cultivating such a fool,Even if it’s incapable,Won’t run around,It’s enough to harm the city,Like the eldest son of Lord Santos?!
And if civilians are born,It’s impossible to pretend to be a wizard with a gem on a sledgehammer!This pretender is too insincere, right?,According to Garcia’s experience,This kind of kid tends to be very tough on the surface,I haven’t actually suffered any setbacks,Very soft,You will spit out a lot of entrance tax if you frighten it easily,Although it is certainly impossible for old Garcia to eat this income alone,You have to give the boss first,Then the rest,And share with the brothers who guard the door,But you can also accumulate one or two silver coins in your own hands,If you run into more,Down that day,It is possible to harvest a gold coin with good luck。
Of course in order to avoid,This kid is really strong,The risk must be borne by the brothers who guard the gate together,He touched the soldier on one side with his arm。
“One-eyed,Have you seen that noble kid?,Looks very rich,You can go to collect him a gold coin entrance tax!”
“Can this be?”The one-eyed soldier is a more honest man.,Although the nickname‘One-eyed’,But it was caused by accidental injuries when I was young,It is completely different from the one-eyed thieves that are often said in some novels.。
“Of course, no problem”Old Garcia urged“rest assured,According to my observation,That little guy’s staff,Ok,The ruby on the hammer like a staff is worth ten gold coins!There is no problem with the entrance tax of a gold coin,Don’t you want to find Master Guangming to treat your eyes??This is a good opportunity to save money!”
Encouraged,One-eyed hesitantly stopped in front of the black-haired youth:“Income City Tax,One、A gold coin。”