Zhou Ye wonders low-headed liver and kidney function test list,Really。
Xu Songren’s graval transaminase and cereal aminotransferase are very high!
andAFP,That is, the methylene fetal protein is also very high.,Zhou Ye has some doubts that this patient is cirrhosis.。
Then looked at the diagnosis,Really cirrhosis。
“It is a gastrointestinal bleeding caused by cirrhosis,Esophageal gastroose veins,The door veins are then high pressure。”
Zhou Ye looks at this Xu Songren,I feel that my eyebrows have some pain。
This patient is also lucky.,War of yourself45age,If you change a weak old man,No need to newG,Light is this digestive tract bleeding and cirrhosis,Minute people can die in minutes。
“Do I want to check my individual again??”Zhou Ye asked。
He remembered his own girl who wanted to touch the depression.,Then being pulled by the director。
Chen Riyuan is thinking:“In fact, we wear protective clothing to contact patients.,Generally, as long as you don’t take your mask,The problem is not big,Just that girl,Mainly, in fact, she is a girl.,I think you……This is not very good……”
Zhou Ye is shame。
Suddenly understand what。
Although medical does not divide men and women,But that is only limited to check and treatment.,And I just wanted to touch the girl’s head comfort,This is a little nature different.!
When this is sensitive,If such a group of photos and rumors walk out,In fact, there is an influence hospital andZFImage!
Popular problems and private life actually as people and administrative advice in several major institutions in the country,This is very important。
“Then I check one.。”Zhou Ye has just heard the intestinal sound。
In fact, a complete inside,The lack of content is still too many。
General patients even,You can use the inside of the case to barely look。
Can12Bed patient Xu Songren can be one of the heaviest patients in the intensive area,Although the vital signs,But in order to improve the diagnosis,In fact, it should be another one-time,This can be assured to patients。
“Hello,Can I give you a complete individual??”
Inside:T37℃,P 120Second-rate/Minute,BP 90/70Hg,Serious patient,Pale skin,No bleeding point,Visit spider mites on the cheek2Piece,Ladiful lymph nodes,Conjunctiva,Suspicious yellow dye,Normal heart,Heart rate120Second-rate/Minute,Law,Unmeated noise,No abnormal lung,Abdominal fullness,No abdominal veins,Abdominal no tenderness、Muscle tension,Liver is not,Spleen rib10,Over the main midline2,Hardness,Hepatic turbidⅦIntercostal,Mobility turbidity,D3-5Second-rate/Minute
one、Diagnosis and diagnosis basis(8Minute)
1Upper gastrointestinal bleeding:
2Esophageal varicose crack bleeding
3Hepatic intrase、ascites
(two)Diagnose based on
1Hepatitis B disease history and cirrhosis(Spider、Spleen big、ascites)
2Bleeding incentives,Vomiting、Tar
3Abdominal mobility turbidity(+)
two、Differential diagnosis(5Minute)
1Gastric duodenal ulcer
2Gastric cancer