“Brother Hao,Water for you,You were really handsome just now。”
“That one98I can’t help but hit the number,I fell down with three punches。”
Huang Xiaoding continued to brag,Obviously his current strength is no weaker than many veterans。
“who’s that person?”Leng Feng said to Fan Tianlei。
Follow Leng Feng’s fingers to look over,Fan Tianlei saw Qin Hao smoothly。
“Qin Hao,Haven’t you seen?”
“Is not,The one next to him I said,”Leng Feng continued。
“Huang Xiaoding,And Qin Hao is very close on weekdays,The usual assessment also belongs to the bottom category。”
“you sure?”Thor next to him interrupted at this moment。
Obviously,He also saw Huang Xiaoding, a good seed,He could clearly see the scene where Huang Xiaoding was fighting just now。
“Clean and neat,Three punches over a well-trained veteran,Not an ordinary recruit can do it。”
Originally, this special forces brigade was an elite,Only elites can be special forces。
But a new recruit knocked over the veteran with three punches,This is enough to show that he is the elite of the elite。
“Strange,It’s not as good as usual,Is it the same as Qin Hao,Play pig eat tiger?”