Is the gap between the second-rate masters so big?!
The dust and mist slowly dissipated,Wu Tingfang slowly emerged from it,Take a look at the long sword in Chen Xiu’s hand,He couldn’t help but shook his head slightly。
“It turns out that he is not unscathed!”
Xuanwu immediately saw Wu Tingfang’s fist shed blood again,It’s falling on the ground drop by drop。
Wu Tingfang was injured。His punch contains the laws of heaven and earth with fire attributes and his lifelong true energy.——Fist!
And he wore a tough one on his hand、Colorless and invisible gloves,This is also why he feels that he fights Chen Xiu’s sword with his bare hands。
Although his blow with a strong fist,Wound Chen Xiu。But I also hurt my fist,This makes Wu Tingfang very dissatisfied。
Wu Tingfang turned into a red shadow and attacked Chen Xiu again,He doesn’t care about the Chiba fruit now、Gu Rimou,He faintly felt that if Chen Xiu didn’t beat him to death by himself today,,Will become a devil on my own path of cultivation!
Chen Xiu hit the burst of flames in his fist,The whole body is like a fire, but there is no strength to lift the sword,Facing Wu Tingfang’s estimate, he closed his eyes helplessly。
A series of fists and kicks sounded in my ears,Open your eyes and take a look,I saw that Xuanwu sacrificed Taiji figure to protect himself,Blocked Wu Tingfang’s series of attacks。
“Get out!”