Leave this sentence,Fengyuan does not stay,Directly left the dunge,Silica is shocked, I can’t go back for a long time.。
He always thought,The truth of things is actually like he thinks.,But the original,The truth of things is completely exactly what I think.。
Then he once thought‘hostility’,What to do,Now it seems,What is meaningful??In addition to let God have no pain,It seems that there is no role in solving the problem.!
Feng Xu stood in the room in a dark dunge,Think of a long time。
Back to bedroom,Yun Qin is cooked a cup of flower tea sitting in the temple.,Obviously, waiting for the Changyuan。
“came back,We should talk about what I just heard.。”
Glimpon the Yuanyuan,Yun Qin took out another cup,Give the Changyuan also poured a cup of tea,Put in yourself opposite。
Blocking,Like a laugh。
“Qin Qin,There is no such seriousness without Feng Xu,I have already had to recover completely.。There are still two years from the robbery,These two years,My strength can be fully recovered。”
“so,I also have an impact on you if you return it.?”Yun Qin asked。
“Just will have a little more,In fact, http://www.vodafone-csc.cn there is not much impact。”Blocking is really true。
Feng Xu is also concerned,Plus all the things that don’t understand things。In fact,Since he knows the importance of the source,Just protect Yunqin’s own source,Cultivate your own source。
so,In fact, I lost the source of Yunqin.,to him,There is not much impact。
Yun Qin nod,Sterings in your heart,road:“What is the life and death??Related to the villain on your body?”
Know the cause of robbery,It is easier to crack the robbery.。I have been waiting in Xianxia,How much knows this situation?。
“Although I have the merits of Bai Baotou Guard,But the Best Kill,Also brought together on the battlefield,This big robbery,I will have a life and death。”
“I want to come to Baishi,so,I will receive a big robbery in advance.,Will I wish me in advance,Found you,Love you with you,There is still a small tree,I feel very http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn satisfied.。”
Feven,Very nature, come to Yun Qin, sit down,I want to pull Yunqin to the arms.,Yun Qin’s eyes have passed,Fengyuan can only stop the movement of the hand。
“You are satisfied,What should I do with my little tree??!Don’t tell me,You have not followed‘Robbery’Fighting?!”Yunqin is serious。
Blocking Yuan immediately deny:“of course not!I am very hard to find you.,Also want to have a long time with you,Also want to see the small tree grows up,Wife and wife,I also want to add a sister for the small tree.,so,I certainly didn’t accept it.!”
渊 渊 说‘Add a sister’When you are eager to try the expression,Yun Qin glanced,road:“This is almost!”
This,Fengyuan can’t help but,Pull up Yunqin’s hand mill。
“Since Qin Qin also agreed,We have to add strength.!”
then,Waiting, Yunqin struggle,I will hug Yun Qin,Go in the direction of the big bed。
“and many more!I http://www.ntglmall.cn didn’t say it is now.!”
“It’s ok,We can preheat first!”
“”Yun Qin。
Why don’t she know what this kind of thing is?‘Preheat’Statement?!
“Now the sky is bright.!Send a small tree to come to find us with eating together!”Yunqin tried to let the seal。