Teach you to take a shower to “wash” out the big Mimi

Bathing breasts is not simply to remove sweat and dirt. More importantly, it uses water, hands and tools to impact and massage the breasts, strengthen the metabolism and blood circulation there, and make physical changes in the tissues there to meet the requirements of bodybuilding.
The temperature of the bath water is about 40 ° C, which is slightly higher than the human body temperature.
Let’s take a closer look at the small tricks of bathing breasts!
  You must drink a glass of water before and after bathing. This is a necessary step for bathing and bodybuilding, and the secret to success in bathing breast enhancement.
The reason is that when bathing, it tends to sweat, so that the body’s water is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water to supplement it. In addition, drinking water can promote sweating during bathing, which is beneficial to the body’s metabolism.
  The bathroom is best to choose a shower room with cold and warm water pipes and a bathtub.
The specific bathing massage methods are as follows: 1.
Slowly put in the bath water and adjust to about 40 °C.
Wipe the whole body with cotton gauze gloves to make the whole body warm.
Enter the bathtub and massage your breasts with your hands.
Hold the brush from the inside of the breast, along the line below the breast, and brush the breast outwards in a curved shape.
Open the faucet and rinse the breast in the same way as 4.
If the breasts are too small, use a hair patch to alternately apply cold and hot compresses, and exchange them once every 10 minutes.
If the breasts are too large, rinse with cold water.
If the breast is drooping or to prevent the breast from sagging, it is best to use the shower head to punch upward from the lower part of the breast and rub the ring around the nipple to strengthen the tissue tension and make the breast firm.
Soak the seaweed in the water for bathing.
The seaweed is chopped and placed in a gauze bag to rub the breast.
After the bath, apply a nourishing cream and gently massage it for 10 minutes in the direction shown in the figure. It can promote local blood circulation, make the skin smooth and moist and elastic, and prevent the aging and relaxation of the chest skin.
You can also gently rub the cold hair to shrink the skin.