If the World Cup is reorganized, it will face high claims and FIFA will be more difficult to eliminate
A big event on the FIFA booth.  Just before this week’s FIFA’s general meeting, the FBI recently took a number of FIFA executives in a raid. This incident shocked the world.  After this incident was exposed, it also raised a lot of questions-a long time of rumours about the corruption of FIFA, can this time tell the truth?Can FIFA President Blatter, who has been in charge of international football for many years, still be involved in the risk?Will the 2018 and 2022 World Cups be held in Russia and Qatar as scheduled?  I am afraid that many things are not as simple as imagined.Will the corruption of FIFA tell the truth? The special status caused corruption to be completely eliminated. Soon after the scandal broke, many people immediately raised the question: Why would the United States lead the investigation of the entire case?  Some people think that this is a revenge from the United States after losing the right to host the 2022 World Cup. The bidding group led by former President Bill Clinton was swept out in the first round without a face.  However, according to the official statement, it is because most of the alleged suspects’ bribery occurred in the United States, and the corrupt funds were also transferred through the Bank of America.And many senior officials of the North American and Caribbean Football Associations usually live in Miami, USA.  The reason why the United States is able to fight FIFA this time is because the rigorously audited Bank of America found these officials exposed through audits, but this does not mean that other countries where FIFA is involved have such a strict audit system.  FIFA claims to be a non-profit civil organization, does not belong to any country, and has no affiliation with the International Olympic Committee, and has absolute power.  If FIFA’s status and system are not changed, it still only relies on internal disciplinary committees to supervise it. With the huge obstruction of extra-territorial law enforcement around the world, the corruption of FIFA cannot be fundamentally eliminated.  It can be said that FIFA’s special status determines that it is a sturdy fortress that the outside world cannot detect the truth. This time, at most, it only opened a gap in this fortress.Will the biggest fish be caught? Blatter’s superb advantages cannot be shaken. Compared with those FIFA officials who have been caught, people are more concerned about whether Blatter himself can get involved this time.  There have been rumors of corruption in Blatter. For example, in June 2010, The Times reported that Blatter had thrown 6.A huge amount of 6.3 billion pounds of funds to open up the relationship of 208 FIFA member countries in order to successfully re-elect FIFA chairman.  But every time he accused Blatter of corruption, he passed through smoothly and unscathed. He had to admire his great energy and superb means.  Earlier, Blatter had defeated many heavyweight opponents such as Platini, Zheng Mengzhun, Johansson, and Harman in four elections, and allowed competitors such as Harman to fall into the bribery election scandal and directly ruin the football political career.  This near-invincible performance not only brought Blatter the reputation of a tumbler, but also made him speak in power and power in FIFA.  If there is no major accident, the weekend FIFA presidential election should be held as scheduled. Although UEFA proposed to postpone the election, their proposal was rejected by most FIFA member countries-UEFA is clearly still unable to pry the body of FIFA.  In this election, it is understood that Blatter has won the support of the vast majority of member states. The advantages in the election are unshakable. There are no people who can really compete with Blatter for power.  If you want to use the power of the United States to defeat Blatter, you can only say that you underestimated the old and sly international football leader.Whether the 2018 and 2022 World Cups will be changed once they repent or face high claims    bribery elections and arrest scandals will affect the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and become an inevitable major topic.  Earlier, the Qatar World Cup bribery election has been in full swing, but the magic is that no matter how sufficient the evidence is, it has not been able to change FIFA’s decision in the end. This time it is difficult for FIFA to change its mind.  An important reason is that in order to meet FIFA’s rigid requirements for the 12 World Cup bidding venues, Qatar has spent a lot of money, and even hesitated to hire slave labor to speed up the progress.It is reported that the Qatar government has spent 15 billion on hardware construction, in addition to the golf course, which also includes the cost of building an artificial island, two golf courses, a pier and a shopping center.  Similarly, Russia has already spent huge amounts of money for the World Cup.  For FIFA, once they repent, they will face allegations of high construction cost claims from the Russian government and the Qatar government. I am afraid no one will be willing to bear such a high number of claims.