For so many years, Li Wu Tian can say that he takes care of it.。
As for the parents of Li Wu Tian,I was also sacrificed by the struggle of Li Jia.。
So so many years Li Wu Tian has been protected very well.,Maybe this protection makes Li Wu Tian have always been proud.。
The same is also excellent。
If you don’t encounter Li Hui Feng,Encounter Xu Ruzhen,Maybe Li Wu Tian will still flow in the flower。
Everyone thinks,Li Kai Fu felt his heart in the blood。
“Take a rest first.,Your grandmother is coming soon.,I will go back to open a meeting.。”
“Um,I can take care of myself.,And also carers。”
When I said this,Li Wu Tian also looked at the two of the two carers.,If it is before, he will definitely say the words of the drama.,Tease two people。
But now,He did not respond,Not a little bit of mood。
Even though clearly know that the costumes under the costume are vacuum,He also has no response。
Therefore,His hate that Li Hui Feng is stronger。
At the same time, there is Xu Ruzhen.,He is clearly chasing a woman.,Other party is still。
So many years,He has no such serious chasing a woman.。
As a result, he is serious.,In exchange, it is the other party’s incomprehension.。
Think of thinking is really ridiculous and sad。
But whether it is Li Hui and Xu Ruzhen, he is swearing in your heart.,As long as the hospital is discharged,Both people will not have good ends。
This is also the only driving force behind him.。
He wants to look at the two people and don’t want to live.,I have even thought of letting Li Xiangxue looked at Xu Ru Wei’s humiliation in front of him.,The same, he also wants Xu Ru to see how Li Hui Feng gives you to give up her choice.。
One plan,Constant in his mind。
Chapter 970 Three prescription
After Li opened back,It is direct meeting,Then study the development plan,Although Li Wu Tian wants to clean up Li,But he also wants to clean up Li with the wind.。
I haven’t worried about Li Hui Feng him.。
But after things happen, he knew that Li Hui’s background is so simple.。
same,At this time, Li Hui also found the Korean directly.。
If not he is looking for early,So Xu Ruzhen was infringed at the evening.。
This kind of thing is the most unforgivable in his heart.。
Since the other party dares to do this,Then he wants to let the other party know how serious the consequences of this.。
Han did not think that Li Hui will find him.。