China Cup Chile 1-1 Croatia penalty kick 5-2 into the final national football match lattice army
At 19:35 on January 11th, Beijing time, the second match of the China Cup started. Chile scored a goal in 90 minutes and wasted 1-1 with Croatia several times.According to the rules of this competition, the two sides draw directly into the penalty shootout.In the penalty shootout, Chilean goalkeeper Tosellili threw two points, Chile won 4-1 with a penalty, and the total score was 5-2 to eliminate the colony and advance to the final.At 15:35 on January 14, the national football team competed with Syria for the third place in the China Cup.At 15:35 on January 15, Iceland will compete with Chile for the China Cup.Highlights of the match: China Cup Chile vs Colombia full game video highlights The China Cup International Football Championship is a FIFA A-level tournament in which the participating national teams replace FIFA official points.In the annual China Cup, four national teams participated in the first competition. The teams include China, Chile, Croatia and Iceland.In history, the two teams have no record of confrontation in the international A-level competition.According to the latest FIFA national team ranking, Croatia ranks 14th with 1103 points and ranks 9th in Europe; Chile ranks 4th with 1404 points and ranks 3rd in South America.  After the start of the game, both sides have offensive and defensive.In the 8th minute, Fuenzharida volleyed to the right of the top of the arc, and Rivakovic fluttered to resolve the danger.After 2 minutes, Hitum left the ball from the chest to stop the volley and hit the top net. In the 18th minute, Vargas grabbed the ball on the right side of the line and sent a pass on the right of the top of the arc. Pinares volleyed the left foot of the penalty area on the left corner of the goal and Chile took the lead 1-0.Nine minutes later, Misic made a cross from the left corner and Pelosevich’s header from the right side of the penalty area hit the top net.  In the 36th minute, Vargas seemed to pass on the right side of the penalty area and goalkeeper Rivakovic made a wonderful save.After 1 minute, Valencia passed the corner from the right and Vargas missed the header from the right side of the penalty area.In the 44th minute, Filippovi? flicked his head and missed the right post.At the end of the first half, Chile led Croatia 1-0.  In the 46th minute, Pinares made a jump at the penalty spot and Rivakovic saved the ball.After 7 minutes, Ozo Beach stepped on Carmona’s foot and the referee Fu Ming showed a yellow card.In the 57th minute, Croatia replaced two consecutive players, Malic, Tudor replaced Pelosevich, Ozobic.Two minutes later, Filipovic intercepted and intercepted Valencia, and Fu Ming showed the yellow card again.  In the 64th minute, Croatia made its third substitution and Barisic replaced Hitum.After 1 minute, Barisic made a left foot shovel at the top of the small penalty area and hit the side net.In the 69th minute, Valencia passed a corner from the right and Malipang’s header hit the goal higher than the crossbar.After 1 minute, Malic shook his head on the right side of the penalty area and Toselli easily confiscated the ball.Subsequently, Chile replaced for the first time, Ramos replaced Funzalida.In the 71st minute, Vargas went to the restricted area for a single shot and Rivakovic saved the ball from the bottom line.After 2 minutes, Vargas once again got a single-shot opportunity, Rivakovic attacked.In the 74th minute, Antolic volleyed at the top of the arc and was thrown by Toselli.In the 76th minute, Tudor made a cross from the right, Andrea Shevivi? scored the ball at the front point and scored the ball. Croatia equalized the score, 1-1.  Four minutes later, Vargas volleyed his left foot on Matas’s line, but Fu Ming did not award a penalty.In the 82nd minute, Chile replaced 2 people, Gardames, Sarkar replaced Carmona, and Pinares.Five minutes later, Misic pushed the right side of the arc to the right column.In the 90th minute, Croatia made its fourth substitution, and Ivan Nu?e? replaced Andreasevich.In the second minute of stoppage time, Chile made the fourth substitution and Carloca replaced Pavis.In the end, Colombia and Chile reached a 1-1 draw in a 90-minute civil war, and both sides entered a penalty shootout.  In the penalty shootout, Chile took the penalty.Chile’s Vargas, Gardames, Boséjur, Ramos had no missed shots; Croatia’s Pivaric hit and Antolic and Malic lost in the second and third rounds.Chile’s penalty shootout defeated Croatia 4-1, with a total score of 5-2 to qualify for the China Cup final.  克罗地亚出场名单(442):1-里瓦科维奇;19-皮瓦里奇、5-巴拉克、13-菲利波维奇、6-马塔斯;7-希图姆(64’3-巴里西奇)、8-安托利奇、15-米西奇、11-佩洛舍维奇(57’9-马利奇);18-奥佐比奇(57’16-都铎)、10-安德里亚舍维奇(90’14-伊万努舍奇);  未上场替补:4-达特科维奇、12-普利斯卡洛、17-胡拉诺维奇  智利出场名单(4141):1-托塞利;15-博塞茹尔、20-马利庞、5-迪亚兹、3-奥帕索;14-帕维斯(92’17-卡罗卡);21-皮纳雷斯(82’9-萨卡尔)、7-瓦伦西亚、8-卡尔莫纳(82’13-加尔达梅斯)、6-富恩扎里达(70’19-Ramos); 11-Vargas;    off the bench: 2-Quevas, 4-Ambuero, 10-Fernandez, 12-Castillon, 18-Vegas, 22-Enriquez, 23-Mello