“I know I am a little bit abrupt in asking this,But I really still want to invite you to join Murong’s house!”Qingling speaks。
“Miss Murong,I also told you very clearly,I will not join any family,So don’t talk about this,But you can let me stay here for three days,I’m very grateful,So if Murong’s family encounters any problems in the future, I will help,As long as it doesn’t go against my bottom line!”Fuming for a while and gave such an answer。
Murong Qingling lowered his head slightly and bit his lips,From the bottom of her heart, she hopes to join the Murong family,But in reality, such a promise is hard to come by。
“I understand,I won’t interrupt you to rest,Tomorrow is our family meeting,I hope you can participate”。Murong Qingling’s back looks very delicate,Make people feel pity。
Fuming shook his head,What a headache“Hehe,Kid,I think this chick is interested in you,I can accept her!”Long Yuan gradually sounded,The tone is full of encouragement。
“I said you sleep all day,You are more energetic than anyone else,They all say that Long Xing is obscene,That’s right!”Fuming rolled his eyes。
“cut,Boring,Look at what the chick gave?”Long was willing to say that but remembered,Fuming took out the box,Open with key。
Frown as soon as I open it,What is this?An awakening device in the box,There is also a blood red token under the awakening device,It has a sea-like pattern on it,A sword stuck in the sea,Looking shuddering。
“what is this?Token?”Fuming took the token and looked up and down,I can’t see the strangeness of this thing“Long Yuan,do you know?”Long Yuan took a closer look“do not know,I’m a beast and I haven’t penetrated your human world,Where can anyone have this thing”。
Fuming can’t see the mystery,Simply threw the token in the bracelet,Pick up the weapon and put it around your waist,Clicked the button,The armed device shows an interface,Shows that this weapon is still unowned。
Fuming enters the information,The armament started autonomously and wrapped the whole body,The entire armor appears dark red,Seems very restrained,There are two corners at the shoulders of the whole body shape,There is a huge sword stuck diagonally in the chest。
Fuck up for a while“Tut,This armor is good,It’s actually platinum!”
“Try to stimulate your internal strength,See if I can take it”Long Yuan said。
“it is good”Fate genetically modified lock,Energy gushes out,Energy flows slowly throughout the body,The battle armor shone dark red,Fuming squeezed his fist,Very satisfied,This armor can withstand its own energy even more than。
“Not bad,Before you reachCEnough before the level,And this is a good smoke bomb”Long Yuan also spoke in appreciation,Fuming naturally understands what the smoke bomb Long Yuan said is。
“forget about it,It’s time to rest,Time to leave the day after tomorrow”Fuming put away his armor and lay on the sofa, closed his eyes and rested。
And at the awakening place in Baxter Village,A dark shadow is reporting to the old man,The old man is wiping the weapon in his hand,This weapon is exactly the same as the weapon in the fuming box,The only difference is the color。