Midnight,The whole apartment building is quiet,The iron door at the stairs on the third floor is locked,Xia Jian took out the key and opened it,Then walked in,He locked the iron door again。
This layer,Now live with him and Wang Lin,There is Guo Meili before I can,I made another room for Fang Fang,So living with three people is still a bit lively,But it won’t work now,Looks extremely deserted。
Walked to the door of Wang Lin’s room,When Xia Jian was about to raise his hand and knock on the door,Suddenly the door opened by itself,I saw Wang Lin wearing a sexy pajamas standing inside the door。
Xia Jian was shocked,How does this woman know he’s back,Is it possible to keep guarding at the door?!But this time,He is in the mood to study this problem。Xia Jian rushed in,Afterwards, he locked the door。
Then pounced like a hungry wolf,Suddenly put Wang Lin down on the soft big bed。Wang Lin resisted vigorously,She asked in a low voice:“Be honest,You come back so long,Where did you go fooling around?“
Men’s hormones stimulated by women in Beauty International,Broke out at this time,What to say,I let you confess。
Xia Jian’s hands,I don’t know where Wang Lin’s pajamas are going.,The two suddenly rolled into a ball,As the saying goes,Little don’t win newlyweds,Not to mention that they are not married yet。Night is no longer quiet。
First0721chapter Field trips
Next morning,Xia Jian was too tired to drive,Plus it doesn’t stop at night,So I can’t get up at all in the morning。Wang Lin opened his breakfast and went to work。
Slept till nine o’clock,He opened his eyes comfortably。He hurried up when he saw the breakfast on the table,In order not to let others gossip,He returned to his room with breakfast。
Washed up,Had breakfast,Xia Jian went downstairs and drove his car to Donglin Building。Just parked the car,When he was about to go upstairs,I heard someone shouting behind me,He looked back,Seeing that He Jing was following him。
“Hey!What do you mean,I’ll pass by my door and never come in to say hello,Afraid of me sticking to you“He Jing asked unhappyly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I think about work when I think about bed,I really didn’t expect it just now“
“Ok you just,Not just now,You are often。Too conscience,When you have an accident,I didn’t call you less”He Jing said,Put his face to the side angrily。
Many people come out,Some things are not convenient to say in public,So Xia Jian smiled and said:“Can you sit down now?Won’t you let me in?!”
He Jingyi listen,Can’t help but please,He is busy leading the way,Lead Xia Jian to her office。Xia Jianyi sit down,He Jing made a cup of tea for him and brought it up。
“How is business now?I don’t feel that the traffic is very large?”Xia Jian is drinking tea,While asking。
He Jing sighed and said:“Difficult business,The major supermarkets are more impactful than our hawkers。Can only maintain the status quo now,Not profitable”
“You don’t have to change your mind,Don’t have to do this。I went last timeGZ,There is a boss who specializes in agency,He has represented several well-known brands of electrical appliances alone,Then put these appliances in the big shopping malls for sale。Do you understand what i said?”Xia Jian saw He Chang listen very carefully,So I stopped and asked。