Extreme challenge, lovers’ own event

ESPN World Extreme Games was founded and organized by ESPN (American Cable Sports Network). It was born in 1995 in San Diego, USA, a global extreme sports event.

The annual World Extreme Games has been held for 4 times, becoming the highest level and most influential traditional event in the world’s extreme sports, and also the most authoritative organization of the world’s extreme sports.

  At the 4th World Extreme Games in San Diego (the tourist destination in California’s coastal resort) in mid-June last year, 479 players from all over the world competed in 10 events.

National TV media rushed to broadcast and record.

According to statistics, more than 30 people watched the game on the spot. More than 2 million people from 172 countries watched the live broadcast through the international communication satellite, and repeatedly broadcasted the video of the sports meeting in the nearby TV media.

  Outside the extreme sports meeting, it has brought excellent economic benefits to the tourism and catering industry in the founding area, expanded the local popularity and has developed into a wide-ranging international metropolitan sports and cultural activities; major multinational companies, groups (likeAdidas, GM Pandike, Sony, DuPont and other companies) also put it on a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, and they have all contributed to further expansion of the impact and reshaping the corporate image.

  And many medium and small enterprises, businesses will not let go of this money tree developed with the theme of the extreme sports club, CD, VCD, clothing, apparel, food and other daily necessities have become a modern, fashionable logo product, oftenOnce listed, it will be sold out.

In 1998 alone, San Diego’s direct income from the World Extreme Games reached 1.

200 million US dollars, accounting for 54% of previous tourism revenue!

A society with the best social and economic benefits to achieve maximum sports will become a good opportunity for both fame and fortune. The big and medium cities of various countries are competing to undertake.

  San Francisco, California has always been voted the best city in the world by the World Association, but in the face of the rapid rise of new tourist cities such as West Coast San Diego and Seattle, in order to continue to maintain the cultural advantages of San Francisco and add new hot spots, the city’s new municipalityThe team convened the celebrities from all walks of life and the local industrial and commercial enterprise giants to form the bidding committee of the World Extreme Games. After intense preparations and active application, and proposed the preferential conditions for ESPN to build a new broadcasting building in the city, it was only from the fierce competition.Stand out from the crowd and take away the right to host the 1999 World Championships.


  In recent years, due to the unparalleled charm of Extreme Sports itself and the strong promotion of ESPN, extreme sports around the world have sprung up.

  Brazil held the first Asian Extreme Games in 1998. On April 22-26 this year, the first Asian Extreme Games was held in Puddhism, Thailand.

  More than 200 athletes from Asian countries competed in five major events (climbing, skateboarding, roller skating, BMX, water skiing).

The huge impact of the unprecedented success of the competition has been hailed by the Thai public opinion circles in the financial crisis as a boost to the people’s heart and a boost of morale!