6 new tricks to start the new year’s skin care

In the blink of an eye, 2012 has arrived. In this year of the “threat curse”, we must also do our best to do more face projects, so that we will always shine beautifully throughout the year.

Today, I will teach you the first lesson of skin care for the New Year.

  1. Physiological Relaxation-Deep cleansing begins at the beginning of the new year, leaving work behind the scenes and thoroughly starting a long-planned “hyun” skin plan.

Beautiful, starting from cleaning.

First of all, you must choose an acidic cleansing cream, which is closer to the skin’s original acid and alkali environment, and will not cause more serious dryness and roughness.

In essence, makeup removal is also very important. Remove all the residual makeup on both ends beforehand.

  2, free time-whitening and maintenance, covering all ugliness, showing how important the white and tender skin.

The most important thing is to find the best whitening sacred product that suits you best, pay attention to maintenance and keep freshness, which is the winning way to maintain love and marriage!

Of course, whitening is not a day or two effort and requires long-term efforts.

But don’t be idle these days. Before going out for free activities, make yourself a beauty treatment at home, and Meimei appears in front of everyone.

  4, shopping progress-Gaozhao sunscreen friends happy party, of course, have a good mood.

But don’t let the sun hurt our skin.

So be prepared for sun protection before going out!

Don’t forget to remind your friends to sunscreen together!

  5. PARTY is also beautiful-friends who are deeply moisturizing will definitely have to do tricks to PARTY again. You ca n’t just go dry, you must hydrate your skin, be a beautiful beauty, and let your spiritFull.

The skin is in the best condition in the morning. If the skin is suffocated early in the morning and the nutrition is replenished, the skin will naturally become more healthy and shiny.

  6, ready to start again-efficient skin rejuvenation vacation time is always good, but whenever you are ready to return to work after the holiday, you can come to an efficient skin rejuvenation and maintenance, effectively calm the skin and eliminate tiredness.

Best of all, you should get up early on the day of work, and then do a deep moisturizing treatment to ensure that your skin is hydrated today, no matter what your makeup is, it is full of spirit.