Man and woman when the mood touches the speed

Women want to have a warm man around when they sleep, bringing a feeling of security.

However, if the man around you is always different from you on sexual issues, you want him to give you a romantic expression in advance, and he not only does not say hello, but he wants it when you don’t want it.Yes, or when you want it, he grinds, reluctantly, is this a rhythm problem, or a communication problem?

Or something else?

A couple has encountered such a problem:

hzh {display: none; }  老婆说:当情调碰到速度  我们结婚快两年了,感到双方在性爱的进程上有差异是在婚后3个月时.
At the beginning, our speed is still trying to approach. Maybe it was very polite at that time. He waited patiently. When I was embarrassed, he smiled and said that he was not in a hurry. Later, when he was not happy, he was more.

We have two or three times a week.

  After eating dinner, he washes the dishes and then takes a bath. I will arrange the bed first, spray a little of his favorite perfume, and have a sexy taste of mature women.

Then he read the book waiting for me, I will go to prepare.

  In my opinion, the feeling of a man waiting for a woman in bed must be sweet.

But he, left and right reminded impatient, as if not to do love but to catch a plane.

He was so eager to rush, the two of us were not happy, and the feeling of making love was also discounted.

He said that both old wives and old wives, what are you paying attention to, who is not familiar with who!

I am so angry that I don’t want to talk to him anymore!

  I also know where our crux lies. He is emotionally hot and iron. I am accumulating lust a little bit during the preparation process. I want to influence him and make him think of sex as an art. He said that I am too romantic, and that sex is notDesigned out.

Until now, we have to be awkward, sex can be satisfied, but always feel less motivation.

  Husband said: When she is ready, I am cold and soon after I get married, I found the difference between us. For example, I waited here for half an hour, she came out of the bathroom, and then on the face.Wiping some frost water, waiting for her to get up, my mood has already plummeted, but she is full of emotions.

Once again, the enthusiasm that aroused is always a little reluctant to do so. Pressing a stomach and making love, the action is definitely not considerate enough. She feels that I am not warm, and I am angry with me. I will not give me a good look for a few days.

  Once, I couldn’t help it. I was still smearing her into the quilt. Before I could do something, she burst into tears and said that I was a beast. People had to talk about the atmosphere. SheThis is done for a bit of a sentiment.

 Our sexual life is moving forward in such a conflict. She wants me to change. I want her to change. Although no one has raised the topic of divorce, it may not be the case.

But the home that was built up a little bit, if it is because of this, it is too sad!

hzh {display: none; }  一千对夫妻会有一千种做爱的习惯,人和人的差异是很大的,西方人在做爱过程中更容易达到默契,因为他们更愿意与爱人谈论自己的Feel.
The Orientals are more restrained, and his (her) secret garden is a lover and cannot be easily seen.

Why not talk?

Reduce your gaps in a positive way!

  Newlyweds will always try to accommodate each other and find ways to keep their sex life fresh and passionate.

As time goes by, the husband and wife are already familiar with each other. People may be too lazy to try to make a sexual life to please each other, but to be more self-conscious and hope that the other person will adapt to themselves.

After the new Air Force car is purchased, it should be repaired frequently to maintain its good performance.

Sexual life also needs to be maintained. Your sexual differences are only minor problems, and fine-tuning can be solved.

  Going to bed again If the wife always has to take some things before going to bed, the husband can do something else before the wife goes to bed, can drink a little wine, let the busy wife take a sip and chat with the other party for a while., hug for a while.

When you go to bed again, your feelings have passed through a short period of communication, and the fermentation has started again very well.

  There are some small things.

Usually, couples do not necessarily have so many romantic behaviors. Wives can wipe off the water vapor on the mirror before the husband shaves; a few minutes before the wife or husband gets up, the other party gets up to make coffee, hot milk, or prepare.Ok, he is going to work for his dress today.

Your time can start from the morning if time permits.

  Warmth is the quality of two people. Don’t blame the other person for everything. Sometimes you should let him or her go. Don’t always talk about the other person. It’s not good for that, not to mention hurtful self-respect.

  Before men and women get married, they must have some understanding of each other’s temperament. There is no natural sexual synchronization, only to see who is fine-tuning master.

A smart couple will come up with countermeasures at the beginning of the problem.Men can also be warm and not eager to reach their destination, because the process of sex is more important than the result.

The wife is also eager to keep up with your speed while knowing you.

The husband’s warmth concession will call the wife to give it more affectionately.

  Regularly “correcting” any interpersonal relationship, there may be friction, and sexual relationships are also.

If you are not careful, you will inevitably vent your dissatisfaction to your partner.

If the two sides are troubled by a problem for more than a month, they will not hinder sitting down and talking in detail. What is the reason for the two sides to not compromise and defeat the solution.

  Sex is a sensible process. How do you decide whether to start immediately or prepare for it?

The two people who love each other regularly “correct” the process of sex when they encounter specific problems. The man is a little bit faster and the woman is quicker. Then, the process of sex will be wonderful.

  He likes to be happy and casual, you can be infected with him, and he is naughty back to the moment of relaxation; she likes to work in a sex garden in a planned way, why don’t you cooperate with her and let her be in yourUnder the gentle guidance, reach the most beautiful zone. More often, you are the singer.

Absolutely outside the weather, your garden can always be brilliant.