“Hollywood Past” and other films were not shortlisted for the American Screenwriters Union Awards
Sauna Night News January 7, the 72nd American Screenwriters Union Awards announced nominations.Films such as “1917”, “Marriage Story” and “Parasites” were shortlisted for the Best Original Screenplay Awards, and films such as “Irish”, “Clown” and “Little Woman” were shortlisted for the Best Adapted Screenplay Awards.And “Hollywood Past”, “Don’t Tell Her”, “Pain and Glory”, “Wave”, “Toy Story 4”, etc. can not run because they do not meet the rules.The American Screenwriters Union Award is relatively demanding. The film’s screenwriter must be a member of the American Screenwriters Union to be eligible for the film.The 72nd American Screenwriters Union Award was awarded on February 1.Stills of “Hollywood Past”.The picture comes from the Network American Screenwriters Union Awards, which was established in 1949 and is awarded annually.The American Screenwriters Union is one of the most important trade union organizations in the Hollywood film production system. It is comparable to the American Actors ‘Union and the American Directors’ Union. It is also an important reference for the Oscars.Nominations for the 72nd American Screenwriters Guild Awards: Best Original Screenplay: “1917”, “Highly Talented”, “Blade”, “Marriage Story”, “Parasite” Best Adapted Screenplay: “A Good Day in the Neighborhood”, “Irish” Joe”Job Rabbit”, “Clown”, “Little Woman” best documentary script: “Citizen K”, “Institutional Records”, “Blood and Gold: The Silicon Valley Blood Test Scam”, “Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People”, “Made by the King””Sauna” editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Shihui