Moisturizing in winter Avoid these “stupid moves”

Why does the “hydration” work do so much, and my skin is still “dry” and lifeless?
I believe many MMs will have such confusion.
This is especially true in winter.
MMs think they have replenished their skin with sufficient moisture, but they never thought that the moisturizing action is really correct . 正确 “moisturizing” is definitely the key word for winter maintenance.
The climate is dry and the skin is always hungry. MMs will spend a lot of time to “hydrate” the skin.
However, do MMs know that moisturizing is also a university question.
If you are not careful, you might do “stupid things”, lose your wife and lose your troops!
  First, the hard moisturizing is not effective. You may have made these mistakes. Even if you drink more than eight glasses of water a day, do you still feel that your skin is not supple?
In fact, drinking water is difficult to directly improve the condition of our skin.
Although the superficial skin cannot directly obtain moisture from the inside of the body, there is a steady stream of moisture in the bottom layer of the skin, which flows to the superficial layer at all times.
For healthy skin, the source of water is full of energy like spring eyes.
Maintain the energy of the water source, and make sure the skin is hydrated and smooth.
  Two, 80% of women don’t know that 7 parts are the biggest moisturizing dead corners. They are the eyebrow center, the back of the ear, the nose, the corner of the eye, the neck, the elbow, the knee and the hand.
Recall if you missed any part of your moisturizing step?
  Third, night care is not as good as early morning maintenance. It is most effective to moisturize at 8 am. The skin also has a biological clock. Under the influence of human circulation, the “condition” and “task” of the skin are different in 24 hours.
If your working hours allow it, it is better to change the night moisturizing work to 8 o’clock every day, that is the best time of day for moisturizing effect.
  4. Moisturizing sprays for oily skin are harmful and unhelpful. Oily skin has fast metabolism and strong oil secretion. If you spray nutrient water on your face, water and oil cannot be compatible with each other.
  Five, water or oil shortage, mistakes will make the moisturizing completely ineffective Everyone’s skin may have a dry condition, but the reasons are very different!
Lack of water or low oil?
If it is fundamentally wrong, skin care is of course not effective.
First of all, it is best to find the skin care products that you really need. Do not confuse the concept of hydration with oil control.
  Six, night cream locks water, rubbing too much will lead to drying
Pay attention to controlling the amount of night cream!