Wang Youcai is getting married,It’s spread all over in Xiping Village。Everyone started talking about it as soon as they were free,They all agree,The three brothers,Marriage should be from big to small,Last and second,Unexpectedly, their old Wang’s house is special,The youngest of their family will come first。
Among these people,The least calm one is Xia Zecheng,This day he came back from outside,Began to lose temper with Sun Yuejuan,He yelled:“You call me to ask,Does he plan to get married in this life??The youngest one in the old Wang family is about to get married“
“You want to fight yourself,Don’t use me as a gunman。Lao Wang’s marriage,s?It’s really a day of leisure“Sun Yuejuan said angrily。
Xia Zecheng listened,The fire is getting bigger,He yelled:“You are used to it,People in their early thirties,Not married yet,Do you have to wait until you are sixty?“
“You can call him,Don’t be fierce with me here“Sun Yuejuan became angry,Turned away。Actually she said so,But I was also very anxious,People as ugly as Wang Youcai are married,His son Xia Jian should be a lot stronger than him,Why can’t you get married?
Wang Degui is also a tossing master,He let people decorate the house at home,Go around and invite relatives,Even Xiping Village,As long as he can meet,Almost all arrived。
Finally he thought of the village committee,After all, their family is also a member of Xiping Village,This young son gets married,Ask the leader of the village, there should be no problem。Moreover,Just ask,These people can’t come empty-handed。
this day,He saw the opportunity,Got into Zhao Hong’s office。Zhao Hong who is talking to Chen Erniu,Seeing Wang Degui is here,Can’t help but be surprised。
“Yo!The two leaders are here!My family has money to get married this month on the 28th,Came here to invite all the leaders of your village committee,Be sure to visit“Wang Degui laughed and said。
Zhao Hong said coldly:“congratulations!When we come over“Chen Erniu smiled,Did not speak。He knows that Wang Degui doesn’t look at his age,Ghost idea,If you don’t pay attention, you will be caught in his trap。
Wang Degui laughed and said:“Well!At that time, all of your village committee leaders must come,I won’t invite them one by one“Wang Degui finished,Laughed and left,See that he is really happy。
“Hey!How to do?He’s here to invite,I’m afraid it’s not good not to go!“Chen Erniu asked Zhao Hongdao in a low voice。
Zhao Hong thought for a while and said:“I must go,Anyway,Wang Youcai is also a member of Xiping Village,But i can’t go。You are the deputy head of Xiping Village,Then, on behalf of Xia Sanhu, the Xiping Village Committee will be,With a thousand yuan gift,This is the standard,Who can marry is the same“