“You guys,I just like this kind of fresh meat,To sister me,Still loves the elegant and easy-going little uncle,No one will compete with this princess for Tu Wenhe, right?,Although he has never been to my house,But I am going to order him!”A splendid princess said,She is not wearing a veil。
“Don’t fight over,In the end, the princess still has to take the son-in-law first,Only our sisters are left to pick。”A female Hou smiled charmingly。
“correct,Women from other countries should also be involved,Don’t ignore it。”
Buy son-in-law,Even women who are just visiting here can participate,Just willing to bid,Gold and silver jewelry、Silk satin、Land lease Lingbao can be,We are admired for wealth,And every woman has a preference for collecting jewelry。
Your son-in-law will walk out one by one,Bidding by the women who wrote the name of the maple leaf,of course,Even if you didn’t write Maple Leaf,You can also participate,Only in this case,Your son-in-law has the right to refuse。
at this point,A little more rational。
Will be written down after all,Generally, the mansion has been visited by men。
If you never met,It’s still very wrong,I took away my son-in-law with money,It’s hard to accept。
One by one,Most good sons-in-law have someone bid,Itself is the match of the big ladies。
The price,Half of it belongs to the palace,The other half is owned by men,To be honest, I saw those handsome little boys being carried to the price of hundreds of thousands of gold,Zhu Minglang is still a little bit emotional,It turns out that men want to make money in this country,It’s still easy,As long as you are willing to let go of that useless discipline。
Zhu Minglang’s attention is still mainly on Princess Luoshui。
There were many good sons in the past、Good son-in-law,Most other county owners will make symbolic bids。
In the eyes of these noble princesses,More choices are also good,So even if you have the most favorite goal,They will bid many times,Even if I accidentally bought a few sons-in-law,They will also choose the best one from several young sons-in-law,Anyway, they have a lot of money,For beautiful men don’t care about expenses。
of course,If it’s the noble women who don’t wear a veil,I will bid if I like it,Anyway, I’m in my own bedroom,How can it be too much??