very beginning,First of the business department,Results The interns turned into the manager of the business unit,Their head。
Then,Sub-Dong,Give the business unit manager?
This plot,TV dramas don’t dare to play so?
But now,Nothing else,It’s just a good shot.。
“Still, you are grateful to people.,At a glance, you will see that this person has a problem.。”
“In fact, I feel that I just came in.,He is definitely harming the horse,Effective to go out as soon as possible。”
“So many?,I am right to drive away.。”
These people have said,Shen Xuan couldn’t help but smile。
Especially see these people,It’s like a clown, usually toss here.,Shen Xuan is really enough。
“Let me go,Are you equipped??”
“Don’t want to talk to you,Let your chairman who came to see me。”
Shen Xuan sat down,Say that the money is not polite again。
Money again,And Shen Xuan toss here,It is completely waste time。
“who do you think You Are,Take you,Also want to see our chairman?”
at this time,Board of Chairman of Qianhao Group。
Zheng Tianhao is the chairman of the Qianhao Group,now,He stared at one of the files.。
“Chairman,What’s wrong with you??”
Zheng Tianhao’s side,Others look at Zheng Tianhao,Can’t help but curiosity。
This is a person’s file,A handsome work photo on the file,And he is the Shenxuan, who has just been in the Ministry of Personnel of the Group, just today.。
Others don’t think,What is Shen Xuan?,In addition to growing handsome。
temporary,I didn’t find something more colorful place.。
“you know,His identity??”
Zheng Tianhao looked around everyone,Tangible。
This person’s identity?
Next to,Some people can’t help but say:“Is he not the department manager of the Ministry of Business of the Group?”
If it is really this identity,So why should Zheng Tianhao have to say it??
but,Others guess。
now,Zheng Tianhao said severely:“Shut up,He is the chairman。”
This exit,Surrounding people,A silence。
But wait until these people have come back to God,But I can’t believe it。
“Chairman,You are kidding.。”
They feel,This is definitely Zheng Tianhao in teasing them happy.。
if we assume,Shen Xuan is the chairman of the Qianhao Group,So Zheng Tianhao,What is it??