On October 18, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted a thirty-fourth collective study in my country’s digital economic development. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when he was hosted, he was able to stand in the overall development of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the high-end changes in the world, and coordinating two major overalls of domestic and international, developing safety two major events, giving full play to massive data and enriched applications. Scene advantage, promote digital technology and physical economic depth, empower traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, spawning new models of new industries, and constantly doing high-quality my country’s digital economy. General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply inspected the development of digital economic development, and profoundly pointed out the significance and profound impact of digital economy in economic and social development. Quality development and new international competition new advantages provide important support.

  From the implementation of network strong country strategy and national big data strategy, to create new infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other new infrastructure, and then to "145" plan, "Building a new advantage of digital economy" … The party’s 18th National Congress Comrade Xi Jinping is highly attached great importance to the development of digital economy. It has built a policy system that has both top-level design and specific initiatives, forming a vivid picture of digital economy, forging the new engine of economic growth, and supporting new crown Pneumonia epidemic, play an important role in coordinating economic and social production and life. Currently, the century-old paragraph and the century epidemic staminated, the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change accelerated evolution. The main economies of the world are pretending to lay out digital technology, digital economy, key core technology field competition is increasingly fierce, and global competitive patterns are also deep evolution. We must see local advantages in digital, networked, intelligent, etc., and we must clearly recognize the risk of "card neck" on key core technologies, as well as different regional, industrial and business development. "Digital Ditch" problem High quality development of the global economy.

  Future, we must understand the "three contributions" of digital economic development in the future, which is conducive to promoting the construction of new development patterns, which is conducive to promoting the construction of a modern economy system, which is conducive to promoting the new advantages of national competition. We also have to strengthen key core technology research, holding "cow nose"; accelerate new infrastructure construction, open "aorta"; promote digital economic and physical economic integration; promote development and supervision, two-handed, both hands must Hard; focus on improving the digital economic governance system, constantly doing the digital economy of my country.

  Digital economic development overall situation. We have to profoundly leading the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strengthen the development of the situation, seize the opportunity, and win the active, continuing the "internal strength" of digital economic development, seizes the future development system, promoting my country’s digital economy, and more deeper, broader Expansion capacity.