Original title: Self-reliance, use technology innovation to help Chinese Dream November 18th, two-year Chinese Academy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the results of the Chinese Academy of Engineering officially announced, Jiangsu 16 people were elected, accounting for more than 10% of the country, the number of times is second only Beijing ranks second in the country and new high. At this point, the total number of academicians in the province has reached 118, which is the most province. 16 new academicians from universities, research institutes and enterprises, research areas cover astronomy, physics, chemistry, life sciences and medical, information and electronic engineering, civil, water conservancy and construction projects, agriculture and other fields.

From looking up to the starry sky, they will climb to academic highlands for decades, write the paper in the land of the motherland, and struggle for building science and technology. Undertake the national major project, breaking through the "card neck" technology in 2017, 2019 new 9 digits, newly increasing 16 digits in 2021. The reporter sorted out that, in recent years, the number of academicians of Jiangsu Xinjin two hospitals have climbed, and the national proportion is increasing.

In 2021, the academician of the two hospitals was 129, of which 65 academicians, 84 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Among the 16 new academicians in Jiangsu, 7 academicians, 9 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 9 academicians, accounting for 10% in the country, which can be described as "big harvest". Academician of the two hospitals is the highest honor in the academic field of my country, and the scholars who can get a list of academicians of the two hospitals are not a leader in the scientific research.

For example, Si Sikai, the Zikinshan Observatory researcher, who was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an internationally renowned expert in the field of Taihaz superconducting detector. The main pioneers of Taihe Tiez Astronomical Detection Technology in my country, the physical mechanism of the terahertz superconducting detector, Chip technology and system application have made a number of original research results with international influence. The terahertz superconducting detector he leaded was successfully applied to my countrymm millimeter wave telescope, international astronomical scientific equipment ALMA and SMA, etc.

China Academy of Engineering is incorporated in this sixth academicians to strengthen national strategic needs and major contributions, adhere to the "four faces", pay attention to contributions to national strategic demand in major projects, "card neck" technology.

A group of candidates who undertake national major scientific and technological research tasks and have a potential for strategic scientists.

For example, the chief scientist of China’s Chinese Academy of Engineering, the chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, long-term work in the national defense technology line, engaged in the technical research and engineering construction of military command information systems. Subject to a number of national defense major pre-research topics, national defense 973 project research, proposing the autonomous variation theory of network command information system architecture, presiding over the successful number of military major command information system equipment, many times, has received many national science and technology awards.

Nanjing highlights the first degree of science and technology. In the university, the "large household" new academician, in the "urban distribution" situation, 14 people in Nanjing, only in Beijing, higher than Shanghai, the results are quite bright, Nanjing The first level of technology in the province is fully highlighted. And this is rich in cultural and innovative atmospheres with Nanjing science and education resources. Colleges and universities have always been a "big house". A 16 new academicians in Jiangsu, from the universities from universities. Among them, 3 of Southeast University, 2 Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Technology, Suzhou University, Nanjing University of Technology, Hehai University, Nanjing Agricultural University.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Nanjing University talked about the basic theoretical research in the fields of atmospheric kinetics, typhoon dynamics and atmospheric predictability.

The main scientific cutting edge of disasters such as typhoon, heavy rains, has achieved systematic research results in the field of gas boundary layer dynamics, typhoon dynamics and disaster prediction, etc., in the field of weather dynamics An important international influence has produced an international status of my country’s disastrous weather research, and the development of disaster weather discipline has made a prominent contribution.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Southeast University, Since the 1980s, it began to intervene the treatment in almost blank, and made a groundbreaking and sustainability contribution to China’s interventional radiology. Not long ago, he successfully completed the first primary liver cancer in the Chinese mainland, 90 glass microspheres, etc. Recently, he organized 59 top hospitals across the country, the first interventional treatment of joint immunity, the results showed that combined treatment can significantly improve the efficacy of middle and advanced liver cancer.

"Everything is based on the patient, to relieve the patient’s illness. It is our continuous innovation power and direction. It is more practical with more and more advanced technical services." Teng Zhaojun said.

In the new starting point, he is born sincerity, and uses scientific and technological achievements to promote Chinese dreams in interviews, and many new academicians said that the elected academician is a new starting point. "The party and the state have a hoping for our researchers, incentives us, to better carry out scientific research required for national and society.

"Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering," Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University, said. When he saw the selection of academicians, Shen Qi rushed to the field, handled the team to do the autumn fertilizer for fruit trees.

In the past 40 years, organic fertilizer and soil fertility research are the centerline throughout his team research and exploration. ‘And’ how to "use" refers to scientific research to surround the needs of the country and society, earnestly crack the problem of agricultural production, continuously improve the soil, ecological environment; ‘Is it is a scientific problem behind, revealing why useful mechanism ,mechanism.

"He hopes that society and universities can jointly establish fault tolerance mechanisms that encourage innovation, tolerance failure, encourage researchers to deeply cultivate a field, sit track" cold benches ", wake up, carefully think about research issues, challenge unknown in bold exploration.

Key technology is not coming, you can’t buy it, you can’t come. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the senior engineering from Nanjing Water Resources Science Research Institute, Hu Yaan, I have a deep understanding. For 35 years, he is committed to the frontier technical research, core equipment R & D and major engineering practice of Na River water transport, and is the head of the Ministry of Communications "Gaoba Navigation Buildings Construction Technology Innovation Team".

His research results have contributed to the world of navigation buildings in my country. The overloaded work does not crush him, and the closed work that often reactes monthly does not make him feel boring. "See every progress in the research indicators, see the step by step of the goal, what is the reward, what Enjoy can’t match. "Mastering the difficult exploration road of core technology research and development has no shortcuts. In his view, this is also the age responsibility and responsibility of a researcher.

At present, he is leading the team to povertect the codes for the State Council – Baiqi Hub Nhang Airlines – the world’s largest, water rope rope rope rope, rope, rope, rope, rope, rope, rope, rope, rope, high-quality, and Three Gorges new channel to carry out Technical research, boost the strategic implementation of traffic strong country. Among the new academicians, there is a female scientist – Suzhou University Functional Nano and Soft Material Research Institute is delayed, she has long been engaged in the study of molecular assembly and reaction in the field of physics chemistry, making the development of physics chemistry Important contribution has achieved systematic innovation. "This time, the honor is the affirmation of scientific research work for more than 30 years. It is also very grateful to Suzhou University, so I can establish a high-level scientific research platform, and peace of mind, I am engaged in my favorite research." Lilain said In the future, she will continue to carry out the basic research of analyzed molecular science, and will expand the direction, and carry out relevant research work in applications such as intelligent perception interfaces.

"Doing scientific research is to look up to the starry sky, you have to be in the earth, your heart is a very enthusiasm for science. Don’t be discouraged with difficulties and setbacks. It’s a good job in every little thing. Academician of Jincai, Academician, Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Nanjing University Ma Weiqiang (Mathematics Department) China Academy of Sciences Zikinshan Tianwen Station His Sale (Mathematics Physics) Suzhou University Delayer (Female) (Chemical) Southeast University Sino-South University (Life Sciences and Medical Sciences) Nanjing University Talk about the phichon (geographical department) Nanjing University of Science and Technology Chen Guang (Technical Science Department) Southeast University Gu Ning (Technical Science Department) Academician of China Academy of Engineering: Nanjing University of Science and Technology pays Mengmint (Machinery and Traffic Engineering China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Twenty-eighth Research Institute Blue Pattice (Information and Electronic Engineering Department) Nanjing University of Technology, Hanjie (Chemical, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering Department) Wang Mingyang, China People’s Liberation Army Army Engineering, China (civil, water conservancy and building Engineering Department Engineering Department) Nanjing Agricultural University Shen Yirong (Agricultural Department) Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Xiao Wei (Medical Health Department) □ Our reporter Cai Xiangwen Wang Du Yang Fa Ping Zhong Chongshan Zhang Xu Xie Shi Han (Editor: Xiao Wei, Tang Wei) Sharing More people see it.