Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Skin Nourishing Recipe Tea

Introduction: There are many varieties of Chinese tea, and well-known varieties all present beautiful colors, refreshing aroma and unique taste.

In the eyes of people who often drink tea, tea is full of spirituality, enhances your life energy, and makes your skin radiant.

1. Tea fragrant tea brews a cup of tea, and the aroma enters the brain through the nose, and the emotions calm down instantly. With the light smoke of the steaming tea, you will become clear.

Put trivial matters out of your heart and enjoy the wonderful process of tea passing through the taste buds and nasal cavity.

The heart rejoices and the physiology co-governs.

2. Tea-flavored and nourishing “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that the tea “flavors bitter sweet and slightly cold, non-toxic, treats urination, expectorant heat, quenches thirst, makes people sleep less, has a strong sense of joy, relieves digestion”, “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing”It also describes the effects of “tea tastes bitter, drink makes people think, sleep less, light body, eyesight” and other effects. The ancients have long discovered the effects of tea on human organs. If you drink tea and use tea to obtain it, your body will be nourished.Skin glows naturally.

Different teas (such as herbs, scented tea, grain tea, fruit tea, etc.) all have their own flavors, and each has its own effect on the human body.

For example, rose tea that is good for women, the sweetness of roses is sweet and warm, the liver and spleen meridian, rational qi and depression, promoting blood circulation and analgesic effect, so it can promote skin metabolism, anti-aging, and make you feel good.

3, tea nature eats too greasy, may wish to drink some rock tea or pu’er tea, you can eat Qinghuo; if the heart is too heavy, about two or three friends, accompanied by green tea to speak freely, the heart is naturally purified.

If there is nothing all day, go with the incense stick, drink three times a day, drink thoroughly, rejoice in your heart, and co-administer the natural body.

Tea ceremony has its complicated steps. In addition to drinking tea, it is not only the aroma and taste of tea, but also the most important thing is to cultivate the qualities of self-cultivation, learning tolerance, and quietness.

In today’s exquisite pace of life, many diseases are caused by “quick”, and slowly drinking tea can regulate our body and mind, relax our body, calm our mind, and keep our body cells from being overly strained. It is also the essence of slow-regulating health.