Shanghai stock market recaptures 3,000 private placements: hopes to welcome “long bull market for a lifetime”

Original title: Don’t ignore it!

The Shanghai Index rose sharply to retake 3000 points, and the transaction volume exceeded 1 trillion for two consecutive days. Well-known private equity said that it hoped to usher in a “long bull market in a lifetime of transformation” Source: Capital deep dive breakthrough, breakthrough, upward breakthrough!

  On February 20th, A shares regained 3000 points.

  The bulls continued to stage a vacuum. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have once again increased in volume. Securities dealers and banks have been fully launched. A-shares have seen trillions of turnover for two consecutive days.

  Such a enthusiastic atmosphere makes it almost impossible for the market to recall the anxiety of 17 days ago.

  Less than three weeks, A shares have been rejuvenated.

  On February 20th, even the “tragic” tourism, which was affected by the epidemic in the early stage, saw a significant increase in the food sector.

  Well-known private equity is shouting out, this time really want to “see” with 3000.

  Is it true?

  Among the A-share short-selling market, the most intense kind of rise is called “short-selling”.

  Aim at the way all the way, without giving the bears any hesitation, directly “pulling” the other side.

The situation is like a gyro bulldozer, rolling towards things on the ground.

  Today’s A-share index is this situation.

  On February 20th, the three major A-share stock indexes strengthened collectively. The Shanghai Index regained 3,000 points, and the GEM also hit four new intraday highs.

  The final close, the Shanghai stock index rose 1.

84% reported at 3030 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.

43% reported 11509 points, the ChiNext Index rose 2.

21% reported at 2186 points.

  The bulls continued to stage a vacuum, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets once again increased in volume, with more than 100 daily limit stocks. Big financial broke out across the board.

  All sectors and sectors across the board have risen across the board. The industry sector has become popular across the board. Internet finance, audiovisual equipment, and other sectors have seen the biggest gains.

  The concept sector was mixed, with MiniLED, 3D camera and brokerage concept sectors rising the most.

The stocks of the two cities rose more and less, with a total of 3,187 stocks rising, 528 stocks shrinking, and 123 stocks rising and falling.

  Brokerage companies took up the “big banner”, and the airport tourism made up A shares to win the 3,000-point mark, which was related to the strong help of brokerage stocks.

  In the afternoon, the stock index fluctuated under the influence of non-bank financial and other sectors.

At the end of the day, the 杭州桑拿网 brokerage concept sector rose 6.

12%, the main net inflow of 87.

3.7 billion yuan.

  Final closing, Tianfeng Securities, Huaan Securities, Guojin Securities, Huaxin Shares, Oriental Fortune, Hualin Securities, West China Securities and Hongta Securities, daily limit, Nanjing Securities, Guosheng Financial Holdings, Caitong Securities, CITIC Construction Investment and Zheshang SecuritiesUp over 8%.

  ▼ Attached picture: The performance of some stocks in the brokerage sector on February 20 is worth paying attention to. The sectors that were significantly affected by the epidemic in the previous period have also made up.

  After the market opened today, airports, tourist hotels, food and beverages led the two cities.

The daily limit of Tongpu shares, Huifa Foods and Twin Tower Foods; the daily limit of Caesars Travel and 北京桑拿洗浴保健 Baiyun Airport rose 7.

39%, Dadonghai A, Jinjiang Hotel, Songcheng Performing Arts, Gujing Liquor, Jin Shiyuan, etc. rose more than 5%.

  However, most of the above-mentioned stocks are only chasing the declines since the beginning.

  ▼ Attachment: performance of some stocks in the food sector on February 20th ▼ Attachment: changes in performance of some stocks in the tourism and leisure sector on February 20th, and changes in the banking sector at the end of the session: the second new bank stock led the rise, Bank of Suzhou rose 8.

04%, Xi’an Bank, Zijin Bank rose more than 4%.

  ▼ Photo: On February 20th, the performance of some stocks in the banking sector was “reversed” or “rebounded” at 3000 points this time?

  Interestingly, at 13:16 today, the chairman of Oriental Harbor issued a Weibo saying, “A shock of 3,000 points, A shares that have undergone two stress tests, once standing at 3,000 points, then 3,000It’s more difficult to order!

Come on China’s capital market!We hope to usher in a long bull market that breaks through life!

“In fact, 3,000 points, the market’s sensitive position for nearly one year each year, and the key area where the long and short sides are fiercely competing, and it is also the core value operation center area of the A-share market over the past ten years.

  Standing at the moment, the question of whether the 3000 points are “bounced” or “reversed” is particularly important. Will this be a bull market in Binkou?

  This, public and private placements have all been called research and judgment.

  After the close, Ying Ying, a Norder fund manager, pointed out that we still adhere to a relatively cautious but not pessimistic view of the market, change the epidemic situation to be effectively controlled, and promote the capital market to usher in a structural market that can reflect future macroeconomic expectations.

  Du Zhijun, director of Rongshu Investment Research, believes that this stock market rally is another sign of a bull market.

“In fact, we have been proposing bull markets in early 2019, but most of the people in the market are still immersed in the pain and fear of the big bear market, and they believe that it is just a rebound.

From the beginning of the market in 2019, everyone can see that the market has been fully activated with the support of national policies and technology stocks, which fully validates our insistence.

We think that it is still in the first half of the bull market so far. With the turn of technology stocks, various sectors will take turns to stage the market, and the bull market is about to continue.

“” Chen Wenjin, an analyst at Shenzhen Qianming Assets, said that the current rise was catalyzed by the recent resumption of epidemic situation and the expansion of FTSE Russell A factor, supplemented by refinancing and interest rate cuts. It is expected to start a new round of structural bull market.It is also necessary to face up to the differences between the intrinsic driving force of this round of rise and that of 2015 to prevent potential risks.

  However, at the same time, Chen Wenjin reminded that the current risk factors cannot be ignored.

  The first is the differentiation of the industry sector. The first wave in the third quarter of 2014 belongs to another typical general rise. The leading gains are military industry, transportation and steel. Most of the gains were in the range of 20-40%, but nearly twoThe daily market mainly includes the supplementary increase in the negative sector of the epidemic last year, such as tourism, catering consumption, and transportation conversion. The momentum may be weakened after the resumption of work in March; the second is that the market has been active since the “golden pit” appearedThe degree is high, investors are actively entering the market, and public offerings are expanding, and market volatility will increase significantly.

  Chen Pengyang, deputy director of GARP group equity investment of Boshi Fund, judges that in 2020, the overall A-share market is expected to show an upward trend in index fluctuations, and structural opportunities will continue to expand, gradually increasing to cost-effective industries and individual stocks.

The overall liquidity of A-shares is relatively abundant, and the inflow of funds to the north gradually increases, and market sentiment will gradually turn to optimism.

  Institutions focus on 5G, online education and technology investment opportunities Chen Wenjin said that in the follow-up we will continue to focus on 5G, online education, electric vehicles, computers, cloud games and other sectors.

With the commercialization of 5G applications this year, it will drive a series of online education and entertainment, and intelligent network connection services; meanwhile, the electric vehicle industry with Tesla’s localization chain as its core will also start a year of sales release.

  ”We continue to be optimistic about investment opportunities in the technology sector, including semiconductors, 5G, electric vehicles, new energy, computers, and new consumption.

These industries represent the core industries of China’s new economy, are the driving force for economic structural transformation, and represent China’s future.

Due to domestic and foreign reasons, these industries have ushered in huge development opportunities. Starting from 2020, these industries will accelerate their development, and many world-class companies will gradually emerge.

Du Zhijun said.

  In addition, the CITIC Securities Research Report pointed out that technology is still the main line, and adjustment is the allocation of opportunities. From the perspective of risk-benefit ratio, it focuses on the rotation opportunities of securities firms, automobiles, real estate, upstream industrial products, building materials and banks.