Three senses seriously hurt the body
Diabetes Specialist: Jing Ping, Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, Wuhan Central Hospital, Shi Ping, Chief Insomnia Specialist, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, Shi Ming. Reasonable sleep and balanced diet, and reasonable exercise together constitute the basic guarantee of health.People spend nearly one-third of their day in sleep. Research evidence shows that poor sleep is associated with decreased immunity, worry, depression, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.As for sleep, our old ancestors passed down a saying-“A man sleeps three times, and his life is thinner than paper.”It means that there are three kinds of sensations that are harmful to the body and must be avoided.”Lazy sleep” can’t exceed 8 o’clock. “I’m free on weekends, sleep more.” “The night before I lit the night fight, the next day to noon” . These are common reasons for people to sleep late, especially students and young white-collar workers.But, “Long lying sad.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine” has long warned people that sleep should be awakened as a degree of sleep, and sleepiness is harmful to health.According to Shi Ming, chief physician of the Department of Insomnia, Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine health, yin and yang are balanced and the body is healthy.By dawn, the yang had grown strong enough that one had to get up.If the yang is not stretched, it will hurt the body.Jing Ping, the chief physician of the Department of Neurology at Wuhan Central Hospital, told the Life Times reporter that sleepiness means irregular work and rest, which will cause the body’s biological clock to be disordered.I usually sleep regularly on the weekends and sleep late on the weekend, and suddenly change my sleep habits to correct the fierce impact of the hypothalamus in the brain, causing hormone imbalances, which may lead to depression, depression, headaches, etc. when I wake up, I will miss breakfast or eat breakfast, causing eating disorders,For a long time, it is easy to damage the gastrointestinal function, cause indigestion, chronic gastritis, etc .; Lazy sleep easily leads to muscles and heartbeats alternately into a relaxed state, metabolites are not eliminated in time, and you will feel weak and weak after getting up.The research team of the University of Bristol combed and analyzed the health data of 230,000 women and found that women who sleep 武汉夜生活网 more than 8 hours each time they sleep for an additional hour will increase their risk by 20%.There is also a large body of research showing that sleepiness is associated with an increased risk of diseases such as obesity, stroke, diabetes, cognitive impairment and cancer.According to the second chapter of the “Four Mods of God” in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, spring and summer should be “night lying and getting up early”, autumn should be “early lying and getting up early”, and winter can be “early lying and getting up late.”Among them, “get up late” is not to sleep until noon. The four words immediately after it are “must wait for daylight”, that is, to get up after the sun rises, that is, seven or eight in the morning.Therefore, Shi Ming suggested that everyone develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early,西安耍耍网 and work regularly.The “Golden 7 Hours” of sleep from 11 pm to 6 am the next day, even if you wake up occasionally late, do not exceed 8 am.The screen reminds that too many people sleep late because they stay up late. It is recommended that you don’t stay up all night. If you fall asleep late due to force majeure, you should get up at the appointed time according to the daily rules. You can take a break at noon 10?Recharge your body for 30 minutes.”Stuffiness” must be avoided by Shi Ming. Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the normal operation of human qi and blood is regular.When angry, the operation of “Qi” will be disordered, and when you are angry, you will feel “stagnation of the Qi machine” if you sleep on your head.”Qi is the blood handsome” means that Qi runs blood. If the air is not smooth, there will be pathological phenomena of dysfunction of yin and yang, qi and blood, and organs in the body.Modern people are affected by many social and environmental factors, and their “emotional sensations” are increasing.Some people use sleep to escape as soon as they are angry, while others confide in no one. In the end, they can only choose to sleep to ease their emotions.However, a study done by Beijing Normal University and a US research team showed that sleeping does not alleviate bad moods.During sleep, people move beyond short-term brain networks to long-term brain networks. If they fall asleep immediately after giving birth, unpleasant memories will be deeply remembered in the brain, causing a twist or traumatic event to last longer than a positive or neutral experience.Long interval.Jingping said that anger will strongly stimulate the central nervous system, making it difficult for people to fall asleep, so sleep after anger is mostly shallow sleep, and sleep quality is difficult to guarantee.In particular, some people’s heads will be covered with quilts. The right side is located in a narrow space with poor air circulation. As a result, the amount of oxygen inhaled will decrease, and the exhaled carbon dioxide will be difficult to escape.Regulating effect, metabolism speed is reduced, eyes may be swollen and body tired after waking up.Experts suggest that if you are in a bad mood before bedtime, whether it is angry, depressed or painful, you must first relieve your emotions before going to bed.It is recommended to go out before going to bed, write a diary, music or chat with friends.Patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure must avoid “boring sleep”, otherwise it may cause angina pectoris, stroke, etc., which is life-threatening.The combination of eating and moving instead of “rice sleep” soup full of rice, there is always a little sleepiness, which is called “sleepy rice.”Sleeping immediately after a meal is called “rice sleep”.Some scientists explain that this is because after the blood is concentrated in the digestive system, the blood supplied to the brain will decrease, causing people to feel tired. Some studies also suggest that cholecystokinin may be related to drowsiness after a meal, an alternative to eating a high stool meal, the gallbladderContractin is higher and drowsiness is more intense after a meal; the National Sleep Foundation reports that people usually experience energy deprivation at 2 am and 2 pm, because eating causes blood sugar to rise, and then energy decreases.”For whatever reason, the disadvantage of lying down and sleeping immediately after a meal.”.Jingping said that lying down immediately after a meal can easily cause gastroesophageal reflux, and repeated lying down may cause reflux esophagitis.When a person sleeps, the digestion rate slows down, causing a large amount of food to accumulate in the stomach before digestion, which brings a burden on the stomach, and may even induce diseases such as gastric erosion and gastric ulcer.If the protein intake in the meal, such as a kebab, pure meat hot pot, etc., such food accumulates in the recycling channel for a long time, it will be broken down by anaerobic bacteria to produce some toxic substances and increase the cholesterol burden.In addition, “Su Wen · Niao Tiao Lun” also talks about “anxiety is uncomfortable”, which refers to the problem of inability to sleep due to dysfunction of the internal tract.Jingping suggested that it would be suitable for lunch break after 30 minutes after lunch, and it would need to be replaced 3 hours before going to bed at night.Everyone can take a walk for about 30 minutes after a meal to completely promote digestion and even reduce “sleepy rice.”She suggested that occasional “sleepy meals” are normal physiological reactions, and that if you continue to “sleepy meals” or repeatedly sleepy, you need to be aware.In particular, people who operate dangerous operations such as machines or vehicles may have serious consequences if they work during a meal after fatigue and stress.Adjusting your diet can also reduce “sleepy meals”, specifically by controlling protein and small intakes, while adding an appropriate amount of fiber to promote digestion.For example, you can choose slow-glycemic staple foods. Rice can be paired with flour rice, black rice, and red beans. Potatoes can replace some pasta, etc .; you should use vegetarian food, eat more fresh vegetables, not too greasy; snacks can be replaced by fruits.If the above measures do not work, it may be a sign of food intolerance or allergies, celiac disease, anemia, pre-diabetes and other diseases, you should consult your doctor.▲