10 in 2 iron man is indispensable to the rocket
Beijing time on April 28, according to the “Houston Chronicle” reported that the Houston Rockets lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the last game, the score was pulled 1-3.Rocket forward Trevor Ariza said he would defend his opponent’s arrow characters in the next game.  They played harder than we did last time, and Ariza said that this kind of thing won’t happen again.Ariza is a key player in the Rockets’ series. He wants to prevent the Mavericks’ arrows from gathering hands, including Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis.Ariza has not taken it lightly, he has never taken it lightly.Mai Shuai trusts Ariza’s defense. This is what I like to do the most. Ariza said that I am a competitor and I like to compete.At this time of year, you must do the dirty work, and that is what you should do.  The Rockets played better in the first two games. Their defense in the third game was a bit problematic, but they still won. In the fourth game, they lost to the Mavericks.In the third game, we did not play a good enough defense, Ariza said, this is not very good, but we still won.Sometimes this is the case.The Mavericks are a good offensive team, you can’t defend them completely.So you have to find a way to reduce their speed, and you have to play well.  Ariza’s defense is excellent, and Rockets coach Kevin McHale said he doesn’t need to teach Ariza to defend: I found out early this year that you don’t need to teach Trevor to defend.He has a great feeling about defense, you just have to tell him that we don’t want to give up, we don’t want our opponent to do, and he will do it.  He has done a lot of great work this year. He will defend quickly and never give up. He is a very hard defender. McHale said, if you want to play against everyone, they will also dress up.But Ariza will make them change.  Mavericks center Amaret Tadmeier said Ariza is the Rockets’ main trouble player. Nowitzki also said that Ariza’s defense puts a lot of pressure on himself.Many people criticized him as Tiezha, but his opponent knew Ariza’s role best.Rocket discomfort.  We have always asked him to defend the best player in the league. Jason Terry said that we not only asked him to defend Ellis, but also Dirk Nowitzki and sometimes the opponent’s control.guard.He has done this throughout the season.If he cannot be selected as the best defensive tactic, I think it is a problem with the system. They have a problem with how to choose the best defensive tactic.  Trevor is a fighter, no matter what the situation, he will play a high level of defense, Terry said, you never want to face his defense, but you want him to be on your team.  I was a bit passive throughout the series. Ariza said that in the last game he shot 2 of 10 and made 3 of 5 from the 3-pointer, but the team wanted me to be aggressive on the offensive end.I have to take responsibility.I didn’t play well last time, my energy value is very low, this kind of thing will not happen again.(Grunt)