“Qiang Qiang”A loud phoenix sound appeared,Fuming stared at Lingxi with wide eyes,Because this voice appeared from Lingxi’s body。
“Really is。。。Really!!!”Long Yuan exclaimed,There is unconcealable excitement in the tone,Holding the Wu Ling next to him and shaking,Wu Ling’s eyes are also very excited,It’s just not as gaffe as Longyuan。
“This。。。What’s the situation!”Fuming directly bounced his body,Question Long Yuan directly,Just rubbing Lingxi is still human,Why are you now a phoenix!!
“We don’t know this,But what is certain is that there is indeed Feng Xun in this little girl now,And Feng Xun is still alive!”Wu Ling thought for a moment and gave an ambiguous answer to Fuming。
“You guys wait,I check the body of this little girl!”Long Yuan turned into a blue light and rushed into Ling Xi’s body,A moment later,Long Yuan appeared solemnly in front of Fuming。
“what happened?”Look at Long Yuan’s expression wrong,A little uneasy in my heart。
“If i said,Kid,You have to hold on”Long Yuan said to Fuming。
“Speak,I can hold it”
“I just went in and took a look,This little girl was originally incapable of awakening gene lock,Is the same as you,And the gene lock used by this little girl is actually Feng Xun’s!”
“The most critical point is,This little girl should have died long ago!”
“what?”Fuming feels that his head is not enough,What does it mean to die long ago,Lingxi was still fighting Yun Xiaofeng just now,And lively!
“Don’t worry,Listen to Long Yuan”Wu Ling seems to know what Long Yuan is going to say next。
“All organs of this little girl’s body have been seriously injured,And this kind of injury must have been encountered before I met you,She can live by the power of Feng Xun Gene Lock!”
Fuming frowned and looked at Lingxi lying on the rock pile,Looking at her pale face,I love it even more,She’s just a teenage girl,Why suffer this fate!